21 day Sadhana "Dance Into Love"

21 day Sadhana "Dance Into Love"



21 day sadhana ......"Dancing into Love" includes daily creative projects, videoed dances, inspirations, tips sent to your inbox plus 3 recorded teleconference calls where we'll start with a special guided meditation as well as share on topics including " shifting inner dialogue", " body love rituals", " healing the feminine". There will also be a private FB group to connect with others and the collective energy to lean into for support and create from. 

You participate from home. This is for women only. Let's collectively amplify love for our bodies, feminine energy, and dancing souls. Ps. You don't have to " be a dancer" to be part of this. Simply a woman. Let's connect, share and support each other to feeling amazing, returning to joy, and being centered in the divine sacred nature our bodies are. 

$9 from each contribution is being donated to Planned Parenthood. 
Included will be videos learning the movements and gifts from Kai's latest body of work called " SOMA" ( pronounced sooooo aaaa) and at the end the full video to practice at home.  You'll have access to the program for a full year! 

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