What do you like about Kai?

"I have attended many trainings similar and what I really thought stood out in the Kai trainings was Kelly's flexibility, compassion and coming from a place of love not ego. I appreciated Kellys' ability to go to the place of what each of us needed individually while present to the group. She was well prepared, organized and presented from her heart. Highly recommended." DM

"Kai is an experience not able to be defined by words.  To me it is a healing
force of nature; The divine right of every being to move!!!!
 It is so beautiful seeing soul after soul release layer after layer of
acquired conditioning to embrace their personal freedom.  The ancient art of
moving in community thrives again to heal whom ever may choose its benefit."
 With sincere gratitude from my heart to yours.

 -Natalia Sobiewski


Kai is one of the most organic, fun, and freeing expressions of dance/fitness I have ever experienced. My body loves it and, maybe more importantly, my spirit loves it. It is body/mind/spirit health at its most joy-full!

-Linda Maree, Sarasota


I am a Nia Blue Belt, I am 70 years into my journey.  Kai has presenteda form of being that I didn't know existed but longed for.  A practicewhere I didn't feel the need to compete nor be judged, I can be my mostauthentic self!  I notice that I sweat more, feel more, and want more formyself.  Deliciously selfish...

-Margaret Murphy Reed, Sarasota


Kai satisfies a hunger for movement in your body, your emotions and even your heart. A hunger you may not even be conscious of having until suddenly, you feel free again.

- Lisa Siegfried Bohn, Sarasota


I've been in Martial Arts for 43 years, this has always been my way of fitness and I will continue. I was looking for more. Something to add to the path I walk as a "Peaceful Warrior". So I called Kelly about a class called "Bone Builder". Kelly warmed my heart and comforted my mind, in her wise and centered speech.  I went to the Bone builder class and was empowered and in my sacred space.

As classes went on I noticed other men (great!) and especiallytheir non-competitive nature. The other classmates, men and women, were centered and powerful.

I decided to watch kai-dance in my new spiritual sacred space. Through music, clear and easy to follow instruction which Kelly expressed, the class expressed power healing, without the masks so often witnessed in other classes.

Like attracts like. These people are spiritual warriors and my interest piqued.

I respect Kelly Atkins. This teacher holds feminine power, offers a sacred space in the Sarasota Dance studio. Kelly is honorable as are the students. Kelly is fit and beautiful; she teaches and shares Kai-Dance with the customs and traditions which accept all positive Creeds, Race and Gender: these are not a standard of judgment.

So I joined. I feel accepted being a male in my power. I've developed and learned new talents. I choose to allow kai-dance as a fitness workout; I accept the fitness responsibility. I join Kelly and other spiritual warriors in the reverence found in external movement and breathing.

 -Cody Templeton


 "What perfection! Kelly's fluid expertise creates an inspiring and supportive environment for beings of every age and gender to gently and dynamically explore The power and healing properties of breath, motion, community, Space, and depth. She constructs excellent playlists and provides the perfect balance of spontaneous free flow dance with unified group inspired movement. Thank you for holding such a beautiful space for me to dance and explore my own inner rhythms today Kelly!"

-Maalika Shay Devi Dasi.


"Kai is amazing!!!! If you are afraid to step on dance floor or you want to move better, hurt less, get a cardio workout, build you confidence and much much more......Step into Kai and open your mind! <3 Kelly Atkins helped me in many ways." 

-Cinde Carroll Gyrontonics/Pilates Stott method teacher.

"Reflecting today has revealed that I feel more spontaneous in my life and because of Kai, it's positive spontaneity! What I presumed to be spontaneous before was more reactive and mostly negative, critical, inauthentic and in many ways a result of my upbringing.  This is real change happening in me.  ....trusting , releasing , gaining freedom, grateful for it all and you....Kelly."   JH





Testimonials: group coaching and personal coaching with Kelly     

"I feel blessed to have Kelly as my SEEDS (Sacred Energy Expands Desires Swiftly group coaching) coach. She leads with a gentle strength and keeps us on track in a loving way.  She listens with in-nate understanding and gives guidance with wisdom.  I have taken a lot of workshops on personal growth and feel like I have made more meaningful progress with Kelly.  Thanks Kelly for being a terrific person and teacher."

-Carol Ketchum, Retired.


"Kelly's inspirational, innate, intuitive and careful sense of listening, has guided me towards recognizing my own truth and inner wisdom.  There is a heartfelt honesty in her encouragement and a deep felt respect for one's personal learning process.  She elaborates and encourages areas of success that I may have overlooked or simply would have not noticed."

-Margaret, Sarasota.


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