Stars Music by David Newman

This bow has a strong emphasis on breath and air element along with fire.  The movements are choreographed with some fun combinations that combine yoga with dance. There is an emphasis  on directing energy along the bones and feeling for the contraction and expansion of muscles. The strengthening into the core muscle develops a naturally  thru the exhale and feeling for the contraction of the abdominals continually. This is an excellent body of work to expand personal power both physically and emotionally, the music is uplifting and supportive to shift into spirit realm and personalize into what that means for you give you strength. 

Some optional themes you could explore are the 21 moves, clarity in movement, Warrior archetype, breath, the arms, strengthening and stretching, singing/sounding/ the voice and vertical alignment.

1. Love Peace Freedom Sita Ram

2. Durga Maharani 

3. Love Belongs to Everyone ..Gayatri Deep Dub mix

4. Rahde Suite 1 The  Longing

5. Rahde Suite 2 The Dance

6. Rahde Suite 3  The Union

7.  Shift 

8. Stars Galactic Power Pop

9. Resting in Rasa

10. Thinking of You Shri Krishna

11.  Ancient Spirals Shiva 

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