Below are a list of podcasts and playlists designed for different needs.  Also instructions on how to download spotify.   Spotify is great for exploring and find great music, making playlists etc.  You can then buy the music off iTunes as well which is one of the best ways to value the musicians. Let’s listen in together. Fill your ears with love.


You are perfect. As you ARE.

I love you!! You are beautiful. Amazing. Brilliant. So strong!!! Join me in celebrating this love….

Hello there, did you hear that??

The sounds in your environment are always there, yet often we don’t hear much. Our attention is ours to cultivate and aim, the more precision we have with what we hear, see, taste, touch and smell, the better we are able to respond intelligently and with respect to our bodies. Hearing especially in detail is a function of listening and something we need to do on a daily basis for good relationships as well as for safety. Like dance, many of us have to work through some of the beliefs we have around rhythm, timing, hearing details, and then adding movement. It’s a subtle strength that will grow with practice. We vibrate with what we listen to habitually, this means its a good practice to use music as a power. If we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, overly excited, we can choose the music that would be the resonance of what we want to feel. A song with a beat may ground us and give us a new rhythm to attune too, a song that triggers a happy memory or a song that neutralizes too much noise can bring clarity to the mind. We are all different yet there are many studies and if you feel deep into your body you’ll begin to recognize the effects music has and choose from an empowered place versus a habitual one.


  1. Listening and dancing to a variety of music is really important. This will help you to get “out of your box” of comfort and into moving emotions and tensions. The songs that work the best are often opposite what we THINK we need and yet it may be the medicine to loosen tightly held thought constructs, muscles, or stimulate new fresh energy in the body. For this reason, we recommend exploring different playlists. As you learn to trust your body and heart more and more you’ll find it won’t take “thinking” so much as intuiting and letting your body lead you to the one you need.

  2. It’s good to write in your journal your experience dancing or actively listening to music. This is your positive evidence of the power of this practice.

  3. 3. When you are dancing on your own, authentic movement style, consider the body as a source. Listening and responding and choosing whether you dance to the sound of the music or let it be in the background. Practice listening deeper for the instruments, the spaces between sound, the sections of music and even counting the beats. It can be a meditation and helpful in “getting into the groove” for some. It can also anchor you in so your dance doesn’t take you away from the present moment, rather it brings you in deeper.