Cycles of a Kai Class

The Cycle of a Kai Experience

1.“Get into the Body”- Earth A. As a facilitator YOU first
B. Ways to enter:

a. Body Scan b. The joints c. Sensation

d. Feet

2. “DirecttheTheme”-Air
A. This can be planned ahead or on the spot

a. “flooding” yourself before class. b. Natural Time Calendar

c. Use your body as guide
ci. ie. What is happening for you?

D. Earth Manual and Schedule as a key B. Present it Different Ways

a. Circle format connects group
ai. Opening exercises like “name game” a2 Creating space

b. Guide them into it as they move around c. Have it open-ended as an experiment ci. Have a focus and an intent

Focus: Where to place attention Intent: Desired outcome. The Why?

C.Connection and Warming “ Water” a. Connecting to Whole body
b. Connecting to Space
c. Connecting to Front, Side , Center, Back d. Connecting to Expanded

e. Connecting to each other

D.Climb to the Peak “Fire”
a. Gradual increase in heart rate, temperature, effort.
b. Can be a peak emotional/spiritual/mental challenge
c. Go towards the tension. Feel “enough” and go further just a little.

  1. Use larger muscles, add in core.

  2. Deepen Breath

  3. Come down into gravity and up.

  4. Ride the waves of the intensity choices

  5. Add jumps with deeper Awareness of

“spring” in joints, land with soft joints.
6. Add sound, emotion, be more engaged, use

more space.

E. Re-Center and Slow Down “Core PLAY” (Wood) a. Sense bones and alignment

  1. Sensations of fitness : FAMSS- Flexibility, Agility, Moblility, Stability and Strength

  2. Slowing Heart Rate

  3. “Hara” center

  4. Give permission to explore

    1. Core play can be vigorous or slow

    2. create a space for all of it.

  5. Turn on “Inner Child” or any Archetype

  6. Return to the first exercise and explore

    “results” of experiment.

  7. Offer time to be “still” , “meditate”, or


Other tips:

F. Sealing the Experience
a. Group in circle “share”


1. give space to talk or silence.

using a mudra
c. 3 claps
ci. Breathing together c. End on a HIGH note.

1. Wrapping experience into a positive message.

2. Bringing in gratitudes 3. Laughter Meditation 4. Using Guided Imagery 5. “shake it off”

1. Stay open to your group to offer ideas, share, and to “lead” thru any part of the class.
2. As a facilitator stay in check with YOUR space you are in and use the 4 energy allies to stay clear. 3. Be honest. Share from open heart. Choose love. 4. Arrive early, clear the space, intend SACRED SPACE

5. Keep a journal and reflect on your dance.
6. Share with other dance teachers of all kinds and

keep learning!
7. Practice learning more “bows” as a part of your growth as a teacher. Learning and creating new ones as part of your process.
8. Practice VOICE and PRESENCE as well as TIMING with cues and sharing what you are experiencing.
9. Know you are qualified AND guide students into THEIR bodies for information.

10. Receive the medicine of your dance. 

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