21 Moves

Kais 21 Moves

Kai's 21 Moves: designed to stimulate the chakras and to give a loose grid for facilitators to create from. Master the artistry of evoking the archetype connected ( and also interchanging the archetypes with the moves for more practice) and mixing in different elements for alchemical magic in your classes!

Grounded Power:
1. Earth massage (healer)
2. Heal Lead (healer)
3. Relevé (dancer)
4. Stances ( mountain, open, A stance, Horse, Bow) (warrior) 5. Alternate Lunge (athlete)
6. Tree (athlete)

7. Kicks ( any direction) (warrior)

Passionate Power:
1. Undulation (healer)

2. Roll down/Roll up (dancer)
3. Hip Stir (child)
4. Clocks ( 12/6, slow/fast, f/b/side together, some variations) (athlete) 5. Cross front/cross back (dancer)
6. Bow and Arrow (warrior)
7. Sword (warrior)

Expressive Power:
1. Tickle Fingers ( child)

2. Poke (child)
3. Drum/slap ( athlete)
4. Shield ( warrior)
5. Touch ( healer)
6. Punch/Strike (dancer)
7. Grab and Throw ( child)

Movements that are often used as transitions from one side or one foot to the other include:

  1. 3 step turn ( can be slow, 2 in a row spread out, 2 in one space, spinning)

  2. 2 or 4 steps

  3. Shuffles

  4. 3 step tap ( or grapevines)

  5. Moving diagonally with any of the above or turning forward

  6. Cha Cha step (can be done with arms, legs or in a 3 count with any body part)

7. Walking with different speeds

Other ways of moving energy: Rumbling, Shaking, breath and sound, tapping body parts, inside to outside, guiding from a body part, moving opposite the music, mirroring another, connected, disconnected, pulsing, wave like movements, linear or circular.

Remember to think about space and NOT get stuck in the mirror (or let your students get stuck there). You can start class in the corners of the room, on the floor, where-ever they want (giving permission), facing back, in a circle facing in, in a circle facing out. Guiding group by listening deeply within and opening up possibilities. There are INFINITE possibilities available. These are some ideas to help support you. Please share your experiences and ideas with other teachers and we can keep expanding! 

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