10 steps practical steps for building your business

Practical business steps:

  1. Start keeping track of every receipt, every check, counting money, and keeping a "paper trail" of where your money goes. This is AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY, and CONSCIOUSNESS. It is life transforming.

  2. Ask and get information on accounting, business licenses etc. You can find a lot online. Open a business checking account. Look around for insurance.

  3. Look around for the venue you want to teach in. Possible ideas include:

dance studios, yoga studios, martial art dojos, fitness centers, corporations, schools , rec centers, parks/beaches, universities, pilates studios, libraries, theaters, in homes, gymnasiums, art centers. Remember to align with your purpose/desire and seek additional learning all the time.

  1. Negotiate prices /rates/and pay. Nothing is written in stone...look for places you FEEL supported and be willing to change.

  2. Seek out sources to keep you inspired!!! Books, courses, communicate with other teachers, explore being the student yourself to expand what you can bring into your classes.

  3. Get clear on whether you want to teach part-time or full time and do the math...(what you'll get paid from a realistic approach)

  4. Value the work and Value yourself as you set your prices...there are times you may offer the work for free...but make sure you feel it's a value and balanced exchange energetically.

  5. Seek out people who can help you with a marketing plan. Marketing is a lot about AUTHENTICITY, and GETTING OUT THERE...Social media has changed the marketing world in a huge way. Look for online videos and books and spend time learning new tools.

  6. Keep track of all your ways you are rewarded for your work. Sacred work /sacred business has a different kind of exchange...keep track of all the lovely gifts given, time "off", time with friends, the compliments, the feeling you get after a great class...all of that is important to energize so the whole focus is not JUST money...that can block flow of authenticity and vibe of Love that attracts what you want.

10.Keep stretching your wings...step out bigger with love. Follow love. Don't avoid fear...step THRU it with love at your back. 

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