Welcome to the Kai teachers portal

Hello dear facilitators, teachers and supporters of Kai!  First of all I want to thank you for being on this journey with me.  It's sooooo much more fun playing, collaborating, creating and exploring with other courageous and lovely souls willing to move thru our life as a dance together.  I hope more than anything that Kai teaches tools needed for us all to connect more, develop trust in the moment, and to create our lives to be bright shiny jewels that we can look back on with gratitude one day for our efforts.  

This page will have blogs specially written for you.  To inspire, engage more of the kai tools, and to even ADD your thoughts and experiences with Kai. Please simply send your edited notes to Kelly@kaimoves.com and your blog will be posted here. We'd love to hear what your doing with Kai, where your are growing and how are you growing your community and classes?  

I know first hand what it takes to be a leader, an embodied leader and how much our world needs more of this kind of work.  I commend you on your journey and am here to offer a hand, witness you, and support in any way I can.  Other tools you have at your finger tips are your manual, handouts, your journal, your FB group who took the immersion with you and witnessed your process during the immersion, the Kai FB graduates group, and the suggested reading list all as places to continue learning......being a "teacher" means enjoying the process and continually learning.....you'll never "get there" as they say, it will be a continual journey and it's learning to love the ride and be in the moment.  Community is your "nest" to receive and also to give both of which are needed.  Please also consider videoing a "vlog" or classes ( individual songs or whole hour long experiences) uploading as an "unlisted" video to either youtube or to Vimeo and sending the link to Kelly.  That can be posted on the "gallery" page and it'l eventually be more like a library and combined area for us all to share the wonderful ways Kai is unfolding. 

So that's it for now! More blogs coming.  Please leave your thoughts, questions, comments below.  Love to hear from you.  Much love, Kelly 

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