Are a retreat and celebration into your body.  You'll experience tools to help you access body wisdom, uncover stories and plant new ones, connect more intimately to community, dance, and the mind/body communication.  You'll leave feeling more connected to joy, breath, music and living from the body as a sustainable resource that will support your life as a dance with greater vitality and vibrance.  



Brand new program in works NOW. A refined program specific for "home dancers" longing to deepen into their body, self love, and healing at home. 



This is an online personal retreat designed to help you re-connect to your body, celebrate more body love and to have a home practice of dance. 

Looking for a Dance Program you can do at home? Interested in learning ways to feel more comfortable in your skin, movement, dance and increased joy?  This is a great program to unlock the rich resource that is YOUR BODY and condition it from a place of love.  No experience is needed, you'll learn from YOUR BODY, the program ( same type of program used in Universities)is created artfully to satisfy all kinds of learners and to explore your body, mind, spirit and emotions thru dance. You log in when you are ready and the program keeps track of where you left off. 

Earth Immersion online can be done at your own pace over a weekend or over the months. It's the same material offered on site though done thru videos and online/conference calls.  The program is offered in an educational format that is utilized by universities and yet has a very "live" and engaging feel. You'll participate in the online group thru mixed media/audio/video as well as reading, doing exercises on your own, writing, sharing, and group teleconference calls.  Though a group will start together, everyone will complete the program at different times.  You'll still have your group to tap into and learn from as well.   

September 2018

Dues must be paid in full 30 days prior to the training unless a special arrangement is made.  

Sign up in store:

Please note:  All trainings both online and onsite are *Non Refundable/non Transferrable starting 30 days prior to the training date.  All fees must be paid in full 30 days before the training you are taking. 






Time out for YOU.  Your soul. To restore, re-connect within, and explore movement as a tool to feel empowered, creative and nourished. 

Kai Earth Immersion Retreats are offered "on-site" as a 4 day journey into dance. You'll leave  behind everyday "distraction" and focus more intimately on your body thru sensation, movement, dance, and community.  The map into our celebration follows the "body" of Kai thru it's 7 foundational concepts that make it uniquely effective.....these include exploring the brain and how movement stimulates different areas, awareness and bliss, authentic movement, embodied anatomy, the elements of nature as an energizer and more.  No experience is necessary!

It's open to EVERYONE, all ages and all abilities ( the youngest that has taken the training so far is 22 and the eldest 80) for all kinds of personal reasons.  This is NOT a teachers training.  ( See the new 200 hour year long Embodied Facilitator Training) 

 Onsite Kai Earth Immersion Retreat:  2018 dates Friday November 2nd thru Tuesday November 6th 2018

Fee: $750



  • opening dinner on Friday night
  • over 35 hours of time dancing, practicing yoga, creative exercises, group experiences, meditation and experimenting with exercises exploring your body and mind.  We begin 9:00-5:00pm Sat-Tues with 1 1/2 hour lunch each day ( not included).  
  • Retreat Manual
  • A collective dvd with group Kai dance to take home. 
  • All workshops and public classes during the retreat.
  • 6 month Free Membership in the "Kai Community Portal" with access to all Kai videos, special blogs and meditation. 
  • Closing sacred lunch. 
  • lose connections, numerous "ahh hass" and epiphanies, enhanced body wisdom and heightened connections to joy. 
  • Tools for longevity.
  • TONS of FUN and loving re-connection to your body! 

Water Immersion-Optional second level with theme of communication, connection, creativity

Water is the second layer and focus's more on movement, pleasure, flow, communication and more. Once we've established the "container" of the body, the next natural inclination is to move, create, connect. To experience pleasure in the body, and allow that to support movement. This training is open to ANYONE with no prior experience!

You will leave with skills that will expand into loving your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit and thru this connection create with your community amazing things with expanded joy utilizing  Kai's nurturing and powerful tools. will have 5 days of juicy fun, lots of movement magic and blissful wonderful connections that will last for a long time after you complete the training.

 Dates coming.....