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Kai LDL online Earth Immersion you take from ANYWHERE on EARTH

Join us as a “householder” in the home movement practice!

Testimony: from best selling author Dee Dee Scott 

“ I held everything in and internalized it - stress, anger, disappointment, fear, rejection. Until I got very sick with Crohn’s. When you taught me - thru Kai - to move all that through and out onto the dance floor, my healing began. Forever grateful to you sweet friend for showing me the way to healing.

This is an online training that will help you to access more joy, come deeper into the body wisdom inside and will inspire you in creating a home practice that you can integrate into you life.

The Kai® Academy program keeps track of your progress and is easy to engage with. You’ll also have your circle that signs up with you and other teachers from other areas to share your experiences with. There will be 3 monthly calls and the program is designed to take that long to complete. Once you are finished you have access to it for 1 year.

If you decide you’d like to teach Kai® classes in the future, this immersion is your invitation into the teacher training you can finish from home with more deepening into your individual teaching skills, and creating classes that work with what your passions and desires. Kai is taught in corporate settings, hospitals, offices, at dance centers, in fitness facilities and in yoga studios…it’s also offered at parks and beaches and peoples homes. It’s a wonderful way to serve up some body loving movement and offer more of your unique self to the world.

If you are taking this for personal it’s $750. It can be paid in 3 installments of $250. $250 down, $250 due in August, final $250 in September.

The teacher training price is $2,500 and that includes this Immersion. It’s a year long and crafted with your needs and desires in mind. Upon completion you are certified to teach Kai, use the trademarked name, have your classes listed on the main website, and engage in the “teachers portal” to share and learn continually. There are NO TEACHERS FEES beyond this. There will be other traininings available for continued education. You can pay it in full and save or this payment can also be done in monthly installments of $220 spread out over the year.

Together....Let's create...
Those taking from home can either pay $750 in full or pay it over 3 months at $260 a month now, $260 August, $260 in Sept. 

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pay in full:…/kai-earth-immersion-ldl-long-dis…

Or for those interested in teaching....$2500 in full or $220 a month over 12 months. This INCLUDES this Earth Immersion and a personalized teachers program ( doesn't include suggested reading, books) 

Pay in full:…/kaisomatic-artist-200-hour-teach…

12 monthly payments:…/kai-somatic-artist-teacher-train…