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Kai® Earth Immersion and Somatic Artists Training

his is to sign up for the Kai Earth Immersion training scheduled for march 31-april 4th 2019.

Come take some time "Out" for YOU. Learn about how Kai's 7 Core Concepts bring neural plasticity, embodiment and practice Kai's dancing of 21 moves.

The Kai Earth Immersion "on site" training is 37 hours of somatic mind/body education designed for ANYONE to participate in and enjoy the tools and time together to practice embodiment skills in the context of a community of like minded friends.

You don't need any experience. Many take this training simply for a personal retreat, to connect to new communities, to enjoy extra time to self and dance, and for some extra inspiration. If you are teaching other fitness or dance modalities this training will greatly enhance your skills. This is a retreat into natural time FOR YOU to unplug and go inside. Learn to activate body wisdom and return to a deeper state of health and integration. Discover ways to enhance focus, self control, energy, body love, sovereignty, bliss, learn about neural plasticity, body/mind/emotion and spirit boundaries, and pain free movement. Men, women and even younger friends are welcome. There is NO TESTING. You are encouraged to come and enjoy the group energy, the supportive community, and the space to explore your body and soul without pressure or commitment.

Hours for the Earth Immersion:
* each day includes 1 hour public Kai class and 1 1/2 hours for lunch. We finish with a sacred picnic on Wednesday and our "full circle" dance.

Sunday 8-5pm
Monday 8-5pm
Tuesday 8-5pm
Wednesday 8-2pm

Schedule for each day:
Opening sitting preparation
Guided mediation
1 Kai class
2 Core Concepts explored though various exercises including introduction with visual aid, movement experiments, writing exercises, story sharing, and more.
3. The 7 Core Concepts are woven throughout each day to mix up the day and keep everyone energized, focused and supports different kinds of learners.
The 7 concepts are:

Awareness and self healing
Authentic Movement
Embodied Anatomy
Life As a Dance
The Elements and Energy

If you are interested in teaching Kai, completion of this training sets the groundwork for the 200 hour long certification. The rest of the training you can complete at home through our online program and personalized with Kelly. Upon submission of the following and approval your mentorship is complete and you can begin to teach as a Kai Teacher. There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES. You have lifetime access to a teachers page on the website and a community page with all the latest Kai videos, workshops, playlists, and more. You are welcome to borrow and submit videos here as part of your agreement upon graduation. This system is set up to support you on continuing your growth in the work of Kai and for inspiration for your classes you'll be teaching.

Work submitted over the year:
1. Reading and writing a 300 word essay for each book on the required reading list. ( approx 12 books)
2. Teaching and submitting notes on 20 volunteered hours of Kai experiences.
3. Written "soul of business" plan.
4. Video of 1 hour long Kai experience with playlist, theme and notes on the classes intent.
5. Review of the 7 Core Concepts behind Kai and a videoed vlog/report on how you implement them into your life. "What I learned from this training was...."

Kai Earth Immersion Training $750 includes full onsite training, all materials including 100 page manual, videoed dvd of a Kai dance, all workshops and classes and final picnic. Hotel and food not included.

Kai Somatic Artist Certification $2,500 includes above training, entry into "Kai Academy" online educational program, manuals including Water Immersion, 10 hours of 1 to 1 coaching with Kelly and unlimited access for continued support. Graduation certificate and usage of the Kai logo, access to the Kai Teacher Page and the Kai Community Portal, Access to over 15 Full length choreographed Kai dances to learn and share in your circles, listing on the main Kai website of your classes and workshops, promotion of your events on the Facebook Kai page and other social media sites. Not included books on required reading list, food and lodging as above.