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Forest Dancing and videoing of Come to Mama

  • Red Bug Sleugh North Beneva Road FL United States (map)

Please join us for some lovely dancing Kai in the forest!

The morning light will shine thru as we dance the latest Kai bow called Come to Mama on video. When classes are videoed there is always a heightened energy making the experience more fun, deeper and richer. Please wear red ( as much as possible) and arrive early. This is a free community event that EVERYONE is welcome to come enjoy.

Location : Red Bug Sleugh 5200 Beneva Rd.

Simply park…there is a bathroom. Walk through the path you’ll see and look for us in the opening on the right side of the lake… the open forest. There is already a set up in the center area where stones and flowers are set. Lot’s of folks offer different meditations and such here. It’s so beautiful and sacred….please enter as silently as you can, having reverence and curiosity and blessing the space we walk on……and dance.

We start right at 8:30am so please come early ( plan 8:00am). You don’ need to know the movements, Kelly will guide and they are easy to learn……bring your water and perhaps a snack to enjoy after.