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Kai Shakti Play at LoveLight Festival

Join Kelly Atkins in Maryland this September as she presents Kai Shakti Play! 


Do you remember the flow state of "play"?  ...That state of joy you gave yourself freely too as a child?  It is through this play that we developed important neural maps in the brain.  Let's come together and explore "play" in all it's forms as a movement exploration to stimulate creative juices, activate healing shakti and the inner child as well as live music and the elements of nature.  No dance experience is needed,  simply a desire to play and be open to possibility, imagination and deep joy.  Turn off the "working" mode and come into the magical moment with Kai's creator Kelly Atkins.   This is a workshop for adults though children are welcome, men and women.    Kai is an improvisational fun movement experience blending awareness, body wisdom, and more.  

Love Light Yoga Festival has amazing music including headliners Krishna Das, Girish, Tina Malia and more.  It will also offer great yoga, meditation and now dance and movement.  Kelly is offering Kai along with other presenters facilitating Journey Dance, Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv.  This years event is in Maryland at a retreat center with hiking trails, pool, camping and hotel like facilities including all organic vegan homemade meals.  This is a no alcohol/drug event and great for all ages and families.  For more information and tickets: