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Kai Online Earth Immersion (LDL long distance learning)

The Kai Earth Immersion is a 35 hour 4 day journey into your body, mind, emotions and spirit through learning about Kai and Kai's core concepts including Awareness ( self healing), The Elements, Music, Archetypes, Authentic Movement, Embodied Anatomy ( body wisdom)and the philosophy Life is a Dance.  Upon completion you'll recieve 3.4 cue hours thru American Council on Exercise. 

Commit to creating the time FOR YOU to more intimately re-connect within to your body, and learn tools to clear your mind, re-establish focus, practice movement and nurture your soul with like minded friends.  The community and circle of people who are in your group are an added bonus.  This training is offered locally "on-line" thru a special program that will keep track of your work.  You'll have access the content for a full year though can complete it in 4 days time if you are focused.  You'll do a fair amount of movement along with videos, sharing stories, some meditations and lots of exploratory exercises to learn and practicing embodying the concepts above.  You don't have to be "in shape" or be a certain age or and women welcome.  Everything can be modified and you'll be encourage to listen more deeply to your body than ever as you find exactly what you need  and create the space for yourself in the comfort of your own home. 

Joy is our natural state is appears in unique ways....this is the overlying gift of finding it in your body and developing your own way to anchor it.  Joy is important in these times more than matter what is happening around us. Joy is our birthright and right there waiting for you. As you integrate the concepts above Joy is woven throughout as you discover more about YOU. 

Kai's inspired by brain research and by Positive Psychology.  The tools you'll come away with include self healing, communication tools, presence and meditation tools, and movement to create a home practice of body somatics/dance OR to be a teacher. If you are interested in teacher you'll want to express this ahead and have a conversation with Kelly.  Some may need additional training depending your skill and experience with facilitating classes. 

Cost $750 Includes everything.  If you choose to be a teacher there is a monthly $15 fee that gives you access to the Kai Portal and continuing education.  You'll also be gifted free access to the Online Program for a year to go over everything once home. You also have access to Kelly for coaching 1x to set up your plan and there after for a discounted coaching rate.  This amount is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Once you are "in" its your own pace to complete the program within the year.  There are 4 teleconference calls included that are videoed and uploaded to view at your own pace. 

Kai classes are excellent at rec centers, dance studios, fitness centers, in schools, universities, hospitals, healing groups, churches and pretty much anywhere you can dream it ...........Payments can be arranged though balance must be paid in full by start date.  No refunds or transfers after 30 days prior to the training.