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DANCE PARTY!!! Get your Cardio, Zen, dance and yoga in 1 hour!

Do you enjoy music? Stretching and challenging the body? Moving with music is a way to find adaptability, resiliency, and play in how we function in a body. Come on out and let’s get twisted.... and unwind together. Squeezing and releasing tension while pulsing some energy and feel good vibes into the body mind. 

THE ROOM IS NOT HEATED FOR THIS however you will sweat (a lot....)and increase your body heat. This is also GENTLE on the joints, no jumping. It's grounded movements. 

Join us for a special class exploring spirals led by Kelly Atkins. Turning and exploring how to move with grace from a yoga posture to a movement or step is a practice of letting go and staying with the body, its fun and challenging. No dance experience needed and in fact, the less you know the easier it’ll be! 

We will explore twists of all kinds along with moving the body into 4th and 5th dimensions and measuring radial space and time. It’s a Saturday evening self date that ends with a guided meditation in savasana. Room is not heated and candle lit. 

Being your mat, water, open heart and mind and let’s integrate yoga and movement with the music.... green juice shots served!

Kelly Atkins BA Health and Wellness, has been leading movement since 1987, in Sarasota since 2000. She completed an 8 month Tri Yoga training in 2003 with Harmony Ananda and has been teaching yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Pilates and Kai (a dance fitness practice she created and trademarked in 2013.)