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Shakti Workshop : Where yoga meets dance - for women only

Journey into the subtle movements of dance with Kelly Atkins. Dancing is natural to the body. It's often witnessed in how naturally children gravitate to it when music is put on and it's how we learn to feel rhythms in the body. The rhythm of a heart beat, the natural timing of the seasons and the cycles of our days. Learning to move with different rhythms while relaxing into the natural joy of dance is a way to train the muscles deep into the connective tissue to move in life with ease, flow and joy. No experience is necessary! 

In this workshop you'll explore Shakti, a dance specifically created to open up the subtle energy in the body ( called chakras) song by song. A yoga posture is explored creatively and put to kirtan music by musicians Girish, David Newman and Rick Franz. It's all done on the yoga mat! 

"Cant dance"? Bring it......come and learn tools to relax and have some fun in a supportive atmosphere in this women's only workshop. 

"I have ... wrong with my body that makes it so I cant dance." ....come discover the beautiful way YOUR unique body and ways of moving ENHANCE the dance. Embrace your uniqueness! 

" I'm too self conscious....." BRING IT! This is a perfect setting to work with breath, awarenss and all your yoga tools while letting go of that old story! 

"Is it all freestyle?? I can't do that". NO......In fact it's guided from the begining to end, timed out with the music and we'll spend the first hour going over the yoga posture for each song, the musicality and meaning behind the chants, the style of dance that's infused into the steps.....and then you bring YOUR style to it as we put it all together for the full hour.  

How Much? $25
Where? Body Heat Yoga Studio 5000 Fruitville Rd.