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Sword of Truth- Movement with Boundaries Workshop

This will be a fun and playful exploration into finding the boundary of your body to space, time, self healing, saying "yes or no or maybe", the mind, your time and your power to choose, create, shift and own the "sword of truth" in your life and in your relationships. "Boundaries are the mothership to creativity" says Danielle LaPorte.  

Setting boundries is an act of self care and creates a container for more healthy love to be exchanged. Look to the people around you who are able to give the most of themselves over a long period of time and you'll find people who hone this skill like a samauri. Dancing the power of self care, giving and recieving , devotion and refinement "yes or no or maybe" clearly, and developing a container that allows you to feel safe to go deeper in with self and other intimately, CAN BE FUN AND's all felt thru the body and wired into the brain as a pattern and you can dance, explore playfully and intentionally and change where you desire to grow........feel it out from your dance. 

Whether that is with self and time to be creative or to be the ruler of your own time to fully dis-engage from anything drawing on you.......How we manage this can show up in many ways in our lives and bodies......We'll explore thru movement, sharing stories with authentic communication skills, dance, music, and some fun exercises ways to explore the sensation and art of holding your power fully, growing "bigger" in your field, challenging the "edge" of your truth, and letting go with ease. No dance experience is needed. Bring a journal and pen.....comfy clothes to move in. 

Kelly Atkins has been sharing and building dance in the Sarasota community since 2000. " I believe boundaries are absolutely necessary to building healthy bodies and lives and to offering space for self to nurture. As a single mother, entrepreneur/business owner, creative.....I have been exploring boundaries in depth in the creation of Kai ( My personal growth into my career growth has been a jump in challenging all kinds of new edges with boundries including a difficult by absolutely correct choice saying "Yes" to my promise to my kids and "no" to another whom may have possibly expanded Kai and losing that potential connection ( integrity with self is the "sword of truth" defining priorities will be part of the workshop and creating a covenant with self). The defining difference of being a co-creator with life versus a victem of never ending circumstance is the skill of dancing this sword. It's a matter of exploration and releasing patterns into new patterns, like dance steps. There are 15 spots open for this workshop. Are you "in"?