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Dervish Wear Trunk Show

Hi everyone! 
This Saturday before Ecstatic Dance 6-7pm I'll have a whole bunch of really beautiful Dervish Wear Clothes. I also have some new Queen of Hearts clothes. Both companies are owned by women who honor the feminine, are creative entreprenur women whom I respect I deeply. This is an opportunitiy to HONOR yourself, VALUE yourself and to wear clothes that make you feel like dancing, make you feel soft, beautiful, and sexy.  

More than any other time I can remember, I feel that it's vital women learn to love their bodies deeply.....To treat their bodies the way they want to be treated within a relationship. To get really honest and make the changes that bring a deeper awareness of health and love embodied. To rise up into a higher sense of divinity within and with that express it out in our choices.  

To me this means being aware of the difference in buying clothes consciously ( for instance, getting factory made clothes on the discount rack feels good from a penny pinching point of view...however, is this how you'd like someone to pick out clothing for you??? Especially clothing you'll wear during your practice of dance and self love? How does it feel different to know the clothes you have on were created by other women who understand personally the womans body, the importance of beauty, the artistry of creating and the importance of sustainability? When I wear my clothing from both Dervish Wear and Queen of Hearts I feel different. These clothes enhance my practice of inner divinity and self love and express that. I would personally rather have a few of these pieces than drawers full of factory/corporate made clothing covered with brand names. FEELING ABUNDANT, BEAUTIFUL and WORTHY is an inside job and needed right now. 

The other wonderful gift of a trunk show is the energy of women coming together to support, play , try on, and cheer each other on in looking and feeling beautiful! The information being exchanged during this is profound, silly, uplifting, supportive and deeply healing. It's a very different experience than going to a large store with chemical smells, cold dressing rooms and shopping with a sales person who is more interested in the sale than telling you the truth. You'll be under no pressure and it's a great experience to explore your beliefs around all of this, try on and get a feel of how you will feel when you dance in these clothes one day if not buying.  

The trunk shows will be before and after Ecstatic Dance as well as on Sunday 12th from 9:30-10:30 and 11:30-12:30pm. Please join us!  Soul Studios 3303 Bahia Vista Ave.  Sarasota Fl 34232