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Listening, Sensing, Feeling, Being....a Bliss-shop

The body and mind are wired intricately together, finding freedom in one opens the other. Come explore with creator of Kai Kelly Atkins and celebrate the ecstatic space of allowing the music to move you, sensing your body to move from safety and freedom, turn on your ability to express in the moment with the music supporting you, and feel the joy of opening up to YOUR dance.  

Have you been curious about Kai? Thought about taking an Immersion but had a hesitation? Have questions?? Wanted to come to a class but thought you should "dip your toe" in slowly and learn a little more? A playshop is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Kelly, about Kai, and most importantly about YOU.  

For those who come to Kai regularly, here's your opportunity to dive in with what you know and practice new edges of freedom. Develop deeper listening and feeling skills, find the hidden places you inhibit movement and open further to the bliss that is available with when you create with sensitivity, strength to surrender more deeply into the moment of what's available

For those who "don't dance" ....YES YOU. You who feel embarrased or silly......Come learn how to make a "container" for yourself to find freedom within. One that YOU choose from a place of joy. Invite your fierce, your playful, your silly, and your sexy...all of it, to move into the moment with the music on your side. Can't "find the beat" ??? PERFECT. Let's start there.....It's there, I will help you find it and trust me......once you do, your dance will take on a whole new level of fun.  

Why??? Music and movement are deep healing tools. They connect us, they remind us to listen deeper to be sensitve to feeling and to be intimate with the moment. Creating from this deeper layer opens the heart and mind thru the body. I am so passionate about sharing this medicine and know how the tools have deepened in my own personal exploration....I look forward to sharing what I've explored and holding the space for you to find your journey "in".

Fee: $35.00 paid prior to the day $40 at the door. Paying ahead saves your space, this workshop will sell out.