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Kai Earth Immersion "on site"

This is 5 day training starting on a Monday 7:30am-3:30pm- Friday ending 5:30pm  You enjoy connecting more intimately within, to your heart, your soul and deeply into your body.  Learning to unlock, honor and learn from the deep inherent wisdom from your body gives you a lifetime tool of deep inner strength. The space we collectively form is nurturing, safe and uplifting allowing you to show up however you feel, with whatever you are sensing in your body and sharing it with a group of peers if you wish offers a platform to practice new skills and feel supported deeply.  The Kai earth Immersion is a special experience of learning to nourish yourself, fill up your cup, explore new terrain, and be all that you were born to be.  Many take it as a curious journey into something new and a retreat for themselves to re-connect within, with dance and with community.  Others take it with the intention to share it, help others and create  thru offering Kai as a way to serve their higher purpose, fit in with their dream which may include offering Kai along with other modalities as a part time job, or as a solo career.  It's truly sometime people feel "called too" and serves as both an umbrella that connects us all as well as a viable fun way to create a business and lifestyle that serve a higher purpose.  

Kai is a creative movement class that helps people to find fitness and healing thru exploring sensation, meditation, music, and simple awareness practices that integrate body and mind. Kai utilizes the elements of earth, air, water, wood and fire to connect the body it's natural state of balance. During a Kai Immersion you explore ALL the ELEMENTS as well as 6 other major principles that make Kai so adaptable and easy to learn. 

Upon completion you may sign up for a Kai Membership to have access to all the Kai videos ( Ubuntu, River of Gratitude, Stars, 4-Give, TRIBE, Bubbles, Dreaming, Believe, You-Neek, and more "Friday LIVE" videos) plus tips for teachers, workshop materials, photos, a teachers blog you can access as a student or facilitator for support, and a library that offers some of the work other teachers are doing.  This is offered thru a "Kai portal" link on this website for $15 month on credit card for a year subscription.  


  • 80 page manual
  • Access to the "Kai Portal" for continued education and dancing
  • Graduation ceremony
  • 34 credited hours with American Council on Exercise
  • sacred lunch together
  • special Life as a Dance collaging experience
  • Awakened "dancer" within who'll have a new inspired sense of joy
  • A satisfaction of a unique experience you can't get by traveling "away from home"
  • Numerous connections to a community of joyful movers
  • A personal journal filled with your "ah-ha's" as you learn from your unique body
  • A "kickstart" into a deeper sense of presence and deepening to the moment
  • New communication skills you've practiced all week taking somatic information and processing it into words. 
  • A new confidence in taking care and loving YOUR BODY
  • A new heightened sense of play, imagination, creativity and freedom in your body. 

To be a Teacher:  Check out the "BEING A TEACHER" program.  Your full fee paid for this Immersion may be discounted from your teacher tuition. 

" The Kai Immersion exceeded all my expectations. You offered us a wealth of Information that was so practical as well as deep and juicy. It was so healing in many ways." GH .... Retired homemaker......

" Even as a seasoned movement teacher I found this training rich and filled with lots of useful exercises. The pacing felt good as well as how personalized it was for each of us. I can't wait to start teaching!" SM ... retired librarian, movement teacher

" I still am enjoying the afterglow of the 4 days we spent together. My favorite part is the really amazing people in my group and the opportunity to dance, be still and adapt everything to what I needed. I felt very supported and safe to make the choices I needed. I learned so much!" .....DD

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