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Authentic Movement Workshop series

Authentic Movement is a practice of learning to listen more deeply into the body and allowing the body to move from a natural expression or impulse. The tools you'll use include " witnessing self" " witnessing another", " reflection", " communicating without projection", and more. This is a four week series and your asked to attend all four to get the most out of it as well as hold the space for each other. 

Four Sundays in a row beginning Sunday August 21st 11:45-1:30pm at Soul Studios 3303 Bahia Vista Ave

Each week will have a subtle theme to explore: 

1st: get to know the witness
2nd: being seen
3rd: get real. if your performing, stop
4th: develop capacity to stay with eyes wide open

"This practice has helped me to heal from emotional trauma, get a deeper presence, express truth, be able to truly see another without filters, be able to truly see myself without judgement, find my natural movements and cultivate it within choreography, heal my body from physical pain, feel a deeper peace within and have more clarity. It's also a wonderful tool often used to develop more creativity and soul connection. I'm very excited to hold this space and dive into this practice with you! Authentic movement is one of the components of a Kai class and a big part of what makes Kai feel so good. At first if your new to this kind of thing you'll have to " face" and move thru a lot of stuff.... This is the practice that clears your body and mind and opens you. It's like peeling layers of an onion. " Kelly Atkins founder of Kai 

RSVP: $60 for all for sessions.