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13 weeks of personalized Integrated fitness training through Kai’s Earth Immersion bubbles. For 13 weeks you will be receiving personalized instruction as each week we focus on a new theme and focus. A training week will contain 5 days of practice , and 2 days of rest or deloading.

~Training days will consist of a guided mobility routine with exercise videos and instructions. All of Kai’s trainings will be bodyweight free-from movements.

~Authentic movement practiced for warming up and cooling down

~Kai’s 21 moves and 21 move combinations

~A new movement pattern everyday to build your movement complexity and build motor control.

~Energy cultivation techniques blending ancient knowledge and yin-yang balancing .

~And guided meditation . Meditation being a requirement to allow deeper states of tranquility and your authentic self to come forth through the practice of Kai.


A video submission is required at the end of every week for a review, to go over any techniques, troubleshooting, or difficulties before commencing into the next week’s programming.


I will have 3 video calls throughout the 13 week period to go over any questions you may have regarding the course. 1st video call is after the first week, 2nd video call is after the 6th week, and the 3rd video call is after the program is completed on the 13th week.


  1. Coming home to the body so we can listen, learn, and be inspired.

  2. Movement Autonomy and Freedom of movement

  3. Greater Strength, mobility, and motor control

  4. Coordinated movements and being able to find the rhythm in your body

  5. Longevity

  6. A Cultivated your Mind for practice. It takes 66 days to form a new habit. So in 3 months coaching you will have a wealth of new habits and patterns that you will have earned from a 3-month commitment.


This training is not for everyone. It will be challenging at times, time consuming, and will demand at least 2 to 3 hours a day for practice. It will demand of you time, effort, and consistency. If you are unable to commit to 13 weeks of training than this program may not be for you. If you can commit to 13 weeks, the process will be very much rewardable in greater strength, mobility, motor control, and authenticity through one’s movements and character.

Refund policy

If at anytime you no longer wish to continue online-coaching before 4 weeks of being in the program, we will deduct a 15% support fee and refund your money. After 4 weeks of being in the program, there are no refunds for any reason.



  • Week 1: Awareness

    Finding your Center

  • Week 2: Embodiment

    Discovering Joy and Pleasure

  • Week 3: Elements

    Tools to connect to our body

  • Week 4: Yin/Yang balancing

    Penetrating the two cosmic extremes


  • Week 5: Embodied Anatomy I

    Isolating the upper body joints

  • Week 6: Embodied Anatomy II

Isolating the lower body joints

  • Week 7: Authentic Movement

     Bringing the subconscious to the conscious

  • Week 8: Music, Rhythm, and Flow

    Integrating various movements into a flow with the rhythm accompanied by music

  • Week 9: Kai’s 21 moves

    Tools to start building your movement practice

  • Week 10: Kai’s 21 move combinations

    Improvisation and creating your own moves

  • Week 11:  Archetypes

    Exploring the gracefulness of the dancer, the strength of the warrior, the intuition of the healer, the focus of the athlete, and the playfulness of the inner child

  • Week 12: Archetypes, Mudras, and Energy

    How to move and not exert energy but leave your practice with more energy than when you started? Learn to combine ancient cultivation exercises and hand movements to add dimensions to your practice

  • Week 13: Life as a Dance

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