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A weekend of Bliss - Kai ® Alumni Celebration

This is a special 4 day event inviting everyone who's done the Kai Earth or Water Immersion training to join us in Sarasota florida for dancing, connecting, playing, exploring and celebrating!  It will be Kai's 4th birthday and a time to say "happy b-earth day" and to dive back into the material of Kai if you've been away awhile.  There are over 60 of us now spread across the country and world ( Texas, NY, Canada, California, NJ, New Hampshire, Costa Rica, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Russia, Czech Republic, Turkey,) Let's re-connect in our dance......


Friday evening :  meeting out for healthy drinks and re-connecting

Saturday 8:30-10:30am  Creating space.  Connecting.  Catching up.  Setting the tone for bliss

10:30-11:30am Kai class Jam 

11:45-3:00pm Journey thru the bubbles .  Games and explorations thru Awareness and The Elements, 

3:30-on  Journey to Siesta Beach for sunning, swimming, chatting and 6:30pm sunset Kai

Sunday 8:30-10:30am Journey thru the Bubbles Authentic Movement and  Music

10:30-11:30am Kai Class " Kai Embodied" as a theme

11:45-4:00pm   Journey into Embodied Anatomy and The Archetypes

Monday 8:30-12:30pm  Scheduled "self love time"

 12:30-2:00 pm Group picnic

2:00-4:00pm Life As a Dance 

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am Last Kai dance and time for YOU.  To shop, lay in sun, see the sights, enjoy a meal or massage or whatever it is your heart of hearts desires.  

Recommit to your body, your life journey, your hero's story you are re-writing and to your self love.  This weekend will be a special booster shot of positive vibes and love and laughter.  Join us!   


Fee: $350 

A list of hotels is available soon.  Because it's so beautiful here during this time and Siesta Key beach is #1 in the country the hotels book up quickly.  Please make a commitment and your reservations.