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Kai Water Immersion Training

Immersions are 5 day trainings designed for those interested in teaching Kai, or for personal enrichment.

Earth Immersion is the first layer and focus's primarily on physical sensation becoming more "home" in the body. 7 "bubbles" are travelled through exploring Awareness. Archetypes, Music, Authentic Movement and more. ...

Water is the second layer and focus's more on movement, pleasure, flow, communication and more. Once we've established the "container" of the body, the next natural inclination is to move, create, connect. The Earth and our Bodies are approximately 70% water. To feel the earth supporting the water's desires to expand, to flow, and to move with wholeness and waves are all qualities that unite the body/mind/emotions and spirit to engage more fully. We will explore connective tissue and body communication. Because this element needs a container, you must have completed an Earth Immersion and have either 1 year of "embodiment" and/or a conversation with Kelly to feel if you are ready to go deeper into the work and receive the most from it. 

THIS IMMERSION is excellent for those looking to expand more into the details of Kais' 21 movements, music, authentic movement, body centered communication and authentic relating. Through discussion and exploring exercises we'll dissect listening skills, witnessing, giving and receiving feedback as well as using the body to communicate and the power of emotions. Practitioners of all kinds will benefit in learning these tools, as well as simply learning new ways to have more fun and connection in your personal relationships.

You will leave with skills that will enhance flow and creativity in your life, your relationships and feeling more pleasure in your body. . will have 5 days of juicy fun, lots of movement magic and blissful wonderful connections that will last for a long time after you complete the training.

Sarasota is beautiful in the fall and there are great prices on local hotels as well as some "Kai Angels" that have rooming opportunities for an even more affordable choice.

Fee: $750 includes manual, 40 hours hands on somatic training, special picnic, certificate of completion, daytime adventures, and many memories and "aha's" that will propel you forward into living the life you dream.

$100 down saves your space. Balance due 30 days prior to event. Go to Kai Store to pay deposit or full amount. 

Stay tuned for a Long Distance Learning Program around this element......

Sarasota Dates:

January 17th 2016

September 21-15 2016