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Kai Earth Immersion LDL ( Long Distance Learning)


Looking for a Dance Program you can do at home? Interested in learning ways to become more embodied? This is a great program to unlock the rich resource that is YOUR BODY and condition it from a place of love. Whether you are interested for personal transformation or to create a community of positive dancers in your area, this is your first step. No experience is needed, you'll learn from YOUR BODY, the program ( same type of program used in Universities)is created artfully to satisfy all kinds of learners and to explore your body, mind, spirit and emotions thru dance. You log in when you are ready and the program keeps track of where you left off. The material are given thru video, podcasts, written print outs, a 78 page manual, and more.  We launch each group on a specific date, that is simply when the "doors" open for you to enter the program with your group.  You can work at your own speed. 

You will dive into 7 of Kai's Bubbles that explore Awareness, Music, Archetypes, The Elements, Experiential Anatomy and more. This is the same work that is done during live trainings in Sarasota Fl, except you complete the work from the privacy of your own home. You'll link with others in your circle thru a special FB group created just for you, as well as have telecast calls with creator Kelly Atkins and have correspondence with staff at Kai.  

The first group taking this training have said it's the most personal, soulful, in-depth and pleasurable training they've ever taken online.  The fact that you get to learn in the comfort of your home, in YOUR time, truly allows the work to go deeper, and be more soulful and fun experience.  

Earth Immersion online can be done at your own pace over a weekend or over the months. You start with your circle and can tap into the wonderful wisdom within the group as much or as little as you like.  You circle remains connected far beyond finishing the training and can become an important resource for you in the future.   

Cost:  There are  30 seats open for this class and will close it out after that.   Fee:  $850  *  If you decide you'd like to be a "certified" licensed teacher you may enter the "apprenticeship" program.  This is a 1 year study where you will work closely with Kelly, start your classes, and look deeply into your dance/life/and dreams as you create what you want with the work.  You'll receive up to 10 hours of FREE coaching as  you set up your business.  The licensing fee is $25 month or $250 for the year.  This fee includes 2 dvd's/choreography and playlists as well as ongoing support thru the Kai teacher network online, monthly newsletters, and access to monthly continuing education workshops offered online soon.  You may choose to purchase more of Kai's dvd's: There are 9 to choose from: Ubuntu, TRIBE, You-Neek, River of Gratitude, Bubbles, Grooovin, Ahh-haa, Soaring and Dream for $50 each.  

Sharing this work is a soul calling.  It's deeply rewarding and is easy to learn however, it takes commitment, dedication, passion and drive to show up continually and be an embodied community leader.  We will stand by you proudly and offer support along the way.  

This licensing fee allows you to use the trademarked Kai logo on all print material, as well as to be listed on the main Kai website, and to offer classes and workshops using the material you learn thru this immersion.  

You can sign up today in the Kai Store.  Once you are registered, you'll be sent a "welcome letter" with instructions on how to begin!

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