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SEEDS (Sacred Energy Expands Desires Swiftly) 8 week group coaching

This is a great time of year to envision how you'd like to navigate thru the holidays and truly give yourself the gifts that you desire by tapping into your power to create. Whether you are wishing to love your body more, take a deeper step into your career and making more money, feeling more healthy thru the challenges of parties and celebrations, or simply being more intentional and bearing the gifts of following thru with your actions, these two group coaching offerings are amazing resources to keep you on task, focused, and tracking the positive evidence of your process while also receiving much needed inspiration when the going gets tough. 

SEEDS (Sacred Energy Expands Desires Swiftly) group Coaching is aprogram created by (founder of Kai Kelly Atkins that is based on natures cycles to help you clarify, stay on course, be in your organic flow, and to shine bright your gifts. There are two "tracks" to choose from and if you miss a day from one you may choose the other to "make up" your participation. ( for instance if you take the "live" track and miss a saturday, you can opt in to the teleconference group for that week) Kelly is highly motivated to see you succeed and be your full out authentic awesomeness. Dreaming, manifesting, celebrating, and moving toward your hero'/heroine's journey in a fun, safe, encouraging and uplifting way. A group coaching approach also offers you the power of a collective intentional space held sacred to plant your seed desires. It's deep powerful work made fun. 

TELECONFERENCE TRACK/ZOOM group call: This is for those that live anywhere in the world who would like to "opt in" via weekly teleconference calls. Once you sign up, you will be sent a link with access into Zoom a program that will allow us to see each other on our phone/computer and record the calls also. These calls are designed for you to participate in and share your experiences from week to week. The calls 1 hour for the first initial call, and all following calls approximately 30-45min and will be recorded and sent to you. If you miss a week so you can stay up to speed on your group. Each call will have a topic that will be discussed relating to the cycle in nature and your desires. 

When? Teleconference tract begins Wednesday November 18th, the tea house option saturday November 21st 11:00-12:00

How much? Love offering with a minimum of $200 - up( average $30 per session) rsvp to Kelly and youll be sent a paypal link. Pay what you can with Joy and with commitment to YOURSELF and your desires. Remember this is a fee you'll pay one time for 8 group coaching sessions. Kelly is committing the time and energy and there is an exchange that needs to feel balanced energetically. If you wish to make payments each week that can be arranged. Offering this as a love offering is Kelly's way to give you the opportunity to participate in this in a way you feel you can and to measure how much you get back. There is a correlation between how much we risk, invest of ourselves with challenges, and how we manifest desires. Please weigh this out and feel empowered in your choice of payment. There will be no judgement about any amounts, all amounts gratefully received. We are just asking you to be mindful, and to choose from a deep inner commitment place. 

LIVE GROUP COACHING EXPERIENCE: This is for those in the Sarasota Florida area, that prefer to meet LIVE. We will meet at Jills Tea House on the first Saturday from 11:00-12:00. This group is limited to 10 people. 

*** Please commit to attending all 8 sessions. This keeps the group energy contained and most effective for each individual. If you must miss a few you can still take part by listening to the telecall playback or if you are local you can call in on the teleconference. 

When? First Teleconference is Wednesday November 18th  then repeating on  Wednesdays 25th, Dec 2, Dec 9th, Dec 16th, Dec 23, Dec 30th , Jan 6th      12:00-1:00pm

First Group Jill's Tea House:  First Saturday November 21st 11:00-12:00am then repeating on Saturdays Nov. 28th, Dec 5th, Dec 12th, Dec 19th, Dec 26th, Jan 2nd, Jan 9th.   

How much? Same as above

Email : for questions or call 941-928-8866