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Kai Earth Immersion Training - On Site Sarasota Florida

Kai Immersions are a vacation into your body.  Awaken more pleasure, Joy, dance and explore! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  About 50% take the immersions for personal enrichment...

 It's a special time of leaving behind everyday "distraction" and focusing on YOUR body.  You'll explore 7 Kai "bubbles" that include Awareness, Music, Anatomy, Archetypes, The Elements, Authentic Movement and  LIfe as a Dance,  This first layer of training is called "earth" with the intention of embodiment......through awakening more sensory information and opening the dialogue of body/mind communication.  Future trainings will follow as elements of Water, Fire, Air and more. At least a year of experience between trainings is recommended but not necessary.  The Earth Immersion is held four times per year and is open to EVERYONE!

 Most people taking this training do it for personal and discover through the process their deeper desire to share the work or NOT.  Over 50% take it for personal , and enjoy the "retreat" within........a vacation "within" .   It is truly a journey we go on through Kai's "bubbles" ........

The fee is $750.00 and includes 50 page manual, journal, elegant opening dinner, 40 hours of in depth, hands on training, and lots of unique magical moments for each group, certificate of completion,  monthly newsletter chocked full of inspiration and the ability to become a teacher if you wish. 

If you want to be a teacher you can start then with letter of intent.  Teachers may purchase the choreography packets which include music, notes and choreography for $50 per bow ( There is now 9 to choose from including Ubuntu, Bubbles, You-Neek, TRIBE, River of Gratitude, Dream, Release, Ahhh-Haaa, Soaring and soon Believe) , and pay $25 per month certification fee  or $250 per year that  allows you to share the work, use the logo, and have access to lots of support via FB closed circle group for graduates.  This fee includes 3 Kai bows ( dvd and choreography ).  Another benefit is you may audit 3 "bubbles" for free- FOREVER or retake the full immersion for $400 ( It can be a seasonal "cleanse" or "re-connect" to your dance! 

Teachers are considered "apprentices" for the first year, as they learn more about the work and reach "teacher" status after the first year and videoing themselves teaching a class to be sent in for review and feedback.  Teachers agree to accumulate 10 continuing education units per year by creating a plan with Kelly that suites their personal desires with the work.   Documentation of 10 ceu's and the videoing of facilitating a Kai class experience the first year meets the requirements to shift to Kai Teacher status.