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Kai Water Immersion

The Water Immersion is a 5 day training that goes deeper into the work of Kai and explores movement, flow, and communication in more depth.  This training is open to ANYONE ( no prior experience or training necessary) who is interested in experiencing a deeper joy in their body, their relationships and in life. Thru experiential work, discussion, journal, art and movement we'll explore 7 "bubbles" of the Water Immersion that are designed to expand and open up the communication of the  body, mind, emotions and spirit.   Where the "earth"Immersion focuses more on the body, on physical and the container, this water immersion goes more into what are you going to fill the container with, where do you want to go with it....movement of all kinds and paying more attention to what is in between , underneath,  in front of and behind.  Water likes to move. 

Those who are interested in teaching Kai must take the Earth training as a pre-requisite, though will greatly benefit from the skills offered in this training in both personal and professional ways.  The order the trainings are taken in is a personal choice.  Many take the immersions purely for  personal enrichment, and others decide later they'd like to teach Kai.  This timing and choice is personal.


 To be a teacher of Kai the first year is your "apprentice year" where you work closely with Kelly Atkins to define and create how you'd like to share Kai.  It's the year or learning the work and practicing the principles you explored during the Immersion.  There is a $100 yearly fee and during the year you need to accumulate 10 continuing education points that can either be gained thru personal coaching with Kelly (There is a fee for coaching)or thru your own personally created plan approved by Kai.    As a Kai apprentice you can offer classes and collect money, and you may purchase Kai Bows ($35 each)for your continued learning of the work.  This program is created this way to support YOU as a facilitator of the work and to co-create the dream of how you'd like to use the work to expand more into your life personally and professionally.  

Fee $750 includes manual, journal , 40 hours hands on training, certificate of completion and all classes  as well as graduation picnic and surprises!  $100 deposit is required to save your space with balance due 30 days prior to the event.  Deposit or full amount can be paid in the "Store". 

Earlier Event: October 24
Kai Earth Immersion
Later Event: December 12
Kai Earth Immersion