You are so loved. SO VERY LOVED.

Please place a hand on your heart space and take a breath. You are here. So let’s begin with nurturing breathing and affirming “ I am LOVE”. Even and especially if it feels awkward or “not you”…..Let this movement practice soften the edges around your heart and open you wider to a place of receptivity. We all need to be reminded of this and sometimes daily. Stay here in this breathing affirmation for at least 3 breathes or as long as you like.

We want you to set aside some time strictly for you. For your soul. Whether you are an adventurous pioneer type or more inwardly directed and find joy knitting or reading…..we all need to cultivate self love and self care. This is the place for you to come to REMIND you of ideas, share with you stories to re-affirm it’s and your value, and offer you workshops designed to nurture you on a creative soul level. I am so honored to guide you into your heart and hold this space! with so much love, Kelly