Ubuntu is an African term that roughly means humility and compassion. It also means that I am who I am by you being who you are....it’s a community building term that generates a collective vibe. The music and movements picked specifically for this and for their energizing quality.

There are a number of songs by African Angelique Kidjo, who has a deep soulful voice and speaks from a deep authenticity. There is also a playful song called “Kukere” and is a popular African song on the charts now. “Kukere” means “ no talking” and also “ WHATEVER” .....This rendition is a fun version with the popular American song “Gangham” style pulsed thru. The choreography is tighter with this one song and is a fun one to play with this tension.

The entire bow was created with the intention of building the sensation of Stability in the body. Each individual joint can be a place to seek this sensation which balances strength and flexibility. Stability is not a place of “gripping” it’s an open radiance that once sensed nurtures a natural desire for movement. Mobility is it’s partner....Mobility is sensed as a continual movement. They work together like Yin/Yang , with stability being one of the most important sensations for healing and mobility following.

There are a number of other focuses that would go well with this bow including: Moving with relaxation, Engaging with the music, emotional expression, creative arms and hands, toe directions, playing and letting others “lead” in the group, and moving from center.

Play with the music, with different directions to face in the room and adding in or taking out freestyle sections depending on your group and what you
are sensing. 

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