Forgive spelled "4-Give" is a body of work that is alive with potential.  It's based on the 21 moves of Kai and can be taught with your list of notes right in front of you.  A perfect dance for new students/teachers or for you to practice at home and dive deeper into a "PRACTICE" of learning ( mentally the "why" , "how to increase /decrease intensity of the move" and the "what" ) and embodying ( your body know the movements and can demonstrate them easily).  

After you explore it awhile it's a fun one to pick 3 moves per song and get creative.  Try different themes and bring in more Authentic Movement to the MOVES.  More expression or ways to personalize in the moment.  It's also very easy to implement the archetypes and the elements.  Remember the elements ENERGIZE......or "bring to life" the movements.  Play with the elements in all the movements to see how your body is effected.  Then explore the archetypes as a way to deeper personalize and add dimension to the moment.  The 21 move list offers some archetype ideas, but feel free and explore different ones.  Asking for the "healer" while kicking or the child while punching....it all opens up possibility in the moment and stimulates NEW WAYS of doing the OLD and wires the brain for the creativity in the moment.  

Listen MANY times to the music and map it out so you know where the musical changes are and practice cu-ing BEFORE you move....you want to time it out a few beats before the music changes.  

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