Q: I've never danced, can't dance......can I do this class?  Will I feel silly?

A: This is a common comment.  There is a Zimbabwean saying (a southern African country) , "If you can walk, you can dance, if you can breathe,  you can sing."  THIS IS TRUE.  Some of Kai's movements are completely natural, everyday movements.  Others are designed to "trip you up" just a little.  Challenging your body-mind connection.  The practice of listening and moving to different sounds takes time, natural time....you get there when you get there and no one is judging you for it. All of it is dance: the stumbles, walking , breathing, skipping, oozing, rolling, cha-chaing: No one is JUDGING you in Kai-classes! Leave your judgement at the door and explore moving away from self-consciousness and into your body’s sensation. 

Q.: Do I have to reserve space in a class or do I call ahead?  How do I sign up?

B: All the classes listed are available for purchase online or you can just show up for the class you want.  The facilitator ( Kelly Atkins in Sarasota Soul Studios) arrives 30 minutes prior to class to help set up the space and greet you.  You are encouraged to show up early— relax, take your shoes off...and prepare for a great experience! If you’re attending another teacher’s class, contact that teacher directly for registration instructions.


Q: What do I wear to a Kai class?

C:  Participants dress for comfort first.  Yoga-style pants are popular and having the legs covered helps with movements done on the floor.  Some students have fun wearing skirts or creative wraps around their waist, etc.  It's truly a safe space to wear anything that feels right for YOU to move in.  (No judgements!)


Q:    What do I wear on my feet?                 

D: Kai is done barefoot, allowing full articulation (movement) of the bones and joints and activating sensory awareness.  There are lots of stories about how this awareness actually heals plantar fasciitis, bunions, fallen arches, AND MORE.  However, sometimes shoes/sneakers are necessary for support and comfort.  You are welcome to wear shoes if you prefer.