Magic is NOW even in a pile of horse shXX.

As I was going for a walk with my son at a local spot called the Celery Fields, we were chatting…..sometimes on these walks we’ve seen really amazing snakes. Other times we’ve heard the roar of the bears and lions at the Big Cat Habitat, one time someone had their pet Lama in the parking lot. Another very magical time we saw 106 rabbits!!! That’s right, 106……Julan said last night, “ mom, what do you think we’ll see today??? “ I told him, “ well, not much else can beat 106 rabbits. Who sees 106 rabbits?? That was crazy! Every walk since that one time we’ve never seen more than 5.”

We walked along and he remarked what a pretty tree was off in the distance. I moo-ed to the cows and he quickly told me to stop like he always does. My animal speak is a little embarrassing to him as passers by walked on. Then he said to me…”mom, he moo-ed back….did you hear him?” “He did??? ohhhh, now I hear him…” and just as I was ready to moo again Julian yells from far in front ( trying to get away from his mothers embarrassing but entertaining animal sounds.) watch out theirs a HUGE pile of shit up here!”

Hahaha, so, I am laughing thinking he’s kidding and low and behold the largest pile of animal dung I have ever seen covered the entire sidewalk! He burst out laughing as I was stunned and said back, “ That’s a bunch of horse shit!” He and I studied the lumps and discussed how a cow may have done it, or perhaps a huge dog…..and why didn’t someone pick it up and oh was it disgusting! Suddenly my 11 year old son who keeps his eyes on computer screens more than I like and is approaching all kinds of changes including pulling away from his mothers close hug and exploring other things in this world was laughing, engaged, cracking jokes and ALIVE. In this moment we were connected and laughing and it was soooo nourishing….It wasn’t 106 rabbits but it was the same space of surprise, wonder, and fun.

I wonder more these days about how much energy, time, focus and magic is leaked out on our media screens and in numbing tasks that we submit too in order to fulfill some roles versus come alive. I wonder how many are able to resist the pull of behavior that numbs and choose to create from a power within that is awake and alive with potential.

I wonder how our brains are being wired as a “new normal” amount to disengagement with the world takes over and if it’s possible to add in more aliveness in our day. Magic is HERE….in the NOW and waiting….even in a pile of dung. It’s in these places where we can interact, engage from depth, create together outside of our patterned behavior and “try on” some new potentials.

This is the space we dance in both in Kai and in Ecstatic Dance ( or any conscious movement and there are a growing amount popping up in town). This potential space wires our brain for wonder, surprise, potential, and for collectively creating together. It’s a beautiful place to clear out those old unconscious patterns as well ( like old stories or judgements about your body, about healing, about relationship…..about community).

Looking at life and the potential we each have ( and this is power) to create with “what is” isn’t about perfection…..isn’t about classic beauty or a large group consensus on beauty. It’s an internal shifting of perspective, a subtle movement opposite of a regular impulse, a conscious choice to notice, select, and experiment and then to open to the magic that is occurring ( even if it’s kind of shitty….pun intended …Julian would be laughing here)

So go out, dance a bit, play with what shows up and enjoy this one moment….then the next…and the next and before you know it you are creating a masterpiece!

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