Silence, Creation and a Deeper Well to dip into

I heard this quote that I’ve been pondering lately, “ All things are created from silence.” ( author unknown) If this is turned around to say “All patterns come from the noise” it brings light to how often and how little most of us really go into the spaces needed to find our unique soulful center and energy that is needed to create both for ourselves and to engage with co-creating what is happening collectively around us in a positive proactive way.

Silence can be uncomfortable, at first, for some. It’s so common the desire to fill the emptiness with words, sounds, ideas or noise. Somehow we’ve become used to that noise as a comfort that things are happening as they should, or we are safe. Routines can give this, a familiarity of understanding ones psyche. The problem is our brains are much like a tape recorder in that everything we hear, see, smell, experience and take in gets wired into networks in the brain and become our “map” of comfort. This comfort begins to veil itself as “safety” or the place we seek when actually we are re-inforcing a nervous system that is hijacked in stimulus vs. stillness.

It’s easy to value the productivity ( noise) of a repetitive pattern versus the creativity (silence) that comes from deeper within. This is another illusion when it comes to thriving and creating a life that resonates and uplifts all of us. Productivity leads to burnout if there are no natural breaks to take in silence and find ways to create through obstacles and include all that is available. From the body this is seen when we push too hard and get adrenal burnout or stress disorders that are the benchmark for almost all disease. There are natural cycles and timing that need to be honored in the body mind throughout our days, years and lives. These include times to “go within” , “dream”, “rest”, and “reflect”, these are ways we build a brain that understands and generates ideas that are continually unique and hopefully efficient use of our time/energy and desires. Valuing this “down time” or “log off” time is uber important in understanding wellbeing and building personal efficacy.

Our bodies require stillness to be “used” well, in a balanced and not mechanical repetitive way. For instance, if we always carry things on the right shoulder, push thru numbness and over work the right side, our bodies adapt and get off balance further increasing pain and disconnection. This effects all aspects of our life including relationships, energy, capacity to be present and our ability to be in open awareness and make change. So this means the longer you have lived in a place of lots of sound inside and out, the longer and more intentional you’ll have to be to shift on over to deeper silence. Being compassionate with yourself as you “clear” and unload perhaps years of emotions, needs, reactions, and unconscious behavior and forgive yourself as you “forget” and have to re-member over and over. Eventually, with love you’ll create more inner silence and more healthful and joyful living from a deeper well.

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