There is so much talked about these days around voice, having a voice, talking about your experiences, feeling empowered to speak out against or for those things that you feel strongly about. Our freedom of speech is something we’ve worked hard for as a country and surely something to be celebrated, protected and honored. Imagine for a moment not being able to talk… all. Not being able to have an opinion or to state it out loud out of fear. This is the kind of fear and tension that creates disease ( enormous stress and exacerbates trauma in the body) and limits wellbeing.

On an extreme scale, it’s very clear the freedoms we have here in our country and yet…we have a country with more obesity, more stress related illness than many places in the world where free speech is not allowed. This makes me wonder. What is it that we have going on here that we are all a part of that is not in truth?? What part of voice, truth, our health and our response-ability is there a defect in??? If we look deeper and dig a little bit into the truths we tell ourselves, tell one other, tell many or tell everyone, perhaps more can be revealed.

Let’s start with “the truth we tell ourselves”…….Pertaining to body image. What is the ideal weight? What is the way we feel about our bodies? What are the statements going through our heads about being lovable, enough, desirable, or feeling sexy? What about the truth we tell ourselves about why we exercise or not?? We can say “I don’t have time.” Is that the truth??? Time is something we create on isn’t it? What is the priority that we are choosing over doing something healthy for ourselves???

With Brene Brown and her movement to encourage people to be brave, to talk, to move through the shame storms we somehow took on unconsciously….I wonder if it’s actually perpetuating a problem sometimes. Is it bringing to light things we don’t like to look at so we turn our eyes, ignore more deeply and create stories of untruths to simply “get by”?

Okay….this isn’t easy….the truth train. It’s revealing something that we’ve hidden for a reason. Why dig it up??? Well….for one, after you do get past the challenge of holding it in……being in truth creates energy flow. Once we open up an new understanding of truth be can re-commit to what’s most deeply important to us and then we have more support. When we can align to this deeper purpose with less “stuff” in the way, change happens……change is natural and when we aren’t going “with” it, we are resisting and that resistance isn’t usually the kind that makes us stronger….it in fact creates negative stress and thus dis-ease in the body. Truth is health giving. Truth is restoring. Truth is medicine.

So how about the truth we tell one other??? This is a relational tool. We all love that feeling of one-ness with another and often go on journeys looking for our “tribe” ( don’t get me going on this word….I will not use it as a descriptor of Kai anymore…..It’s not “in truth” to me when it’s used in a statement saying “join our tribe”…it’s used too regularly as a way to create an “in” or “out” inclusivity and not in integrity to what a tribe really is…)….How about “family” or “team” to describe our wonderful community??? Or maybe just community. I know the feeling of being welcomed, supported, encouraged and even loved in Kai deserves some kind of language but perhaps not Tribe if we want to promote belonging. Truth takes us into this place of language and choice of resonant words. This is the truth we tell many in marketing or groups or on social media.

The truth that we tell one other….the intimate truth, those in our closest circles. This gets really tricky. Do you tell your partner that you don’t like what they are wearing?? Does it matter?? How do you choose what to say and what not to say and when does either one become unhealthy for the closeness and relational trust that needed to keep the space clear and loving between you? I think these are all artful and good questions that each individual and the couple need to decide. These are the humps and hurdles we cross as we relate to each other over time. I do know that “untruths” feel bad even if done innocently….and I’m quite sure that intimacy demands accountability and a willingness to put forth the energy and attention that truthfulness requires.

So what’s YOUR response-ability??? What’s your capacity to be responsive and to find the language and the willingness to create with your voice in the world??? Create with your self ????Or with one other????

The good news is it’s ALL a creation and we can build personal power in this practice together. Learning to give honest feedback, to ask if someone even wants our thoughts, or to consider talking less and choosing more powerful language are all SOMATIC CONCEPTS. If we want good health inside…’s our responsibility to create it and to stay in that deep end of always examining where we are “making stories” or playing victim. Releasing often means allowing some deeply held feelings to go, finding where the deepest “charge” is around a story and recreating one with new intentions. This is something that will be more natural in time…like breathing consciously.

This is a practice in building congruency ( aligning inside to out) and tensegrity (awareness of balance between body parts )within the body itself. From this deepest inner truth health shines outward. From one Kai experience to the next this dance of choice, creating, testing out, experimenting builds our trust in our voices and the somatic experiencing of the body. Over time this dance opens more into how we walk, listen, find our power, and sustain our health off the dance floor.

Someone I love dearly said to me recently….” take it to the dance floor….all of it….every story.” I loved this reminder and wanted to share. Bring your stories ‘IN”….come home to your body and dance it out. I have found no better medicine myself and am honored to share this loving space with you.

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