How reaching for MORE ( wt loss, muscle, body love)may be giving you LESS.

The body is a pretty amazing miracle in and of itself. Simply recognizing it’s brilliance to pulse heart beats, move blood, fight off disease, learn new things, protect and even make another human being and bring it into the world is beyond what most of us take the time to experience. How easy it is to forget the majestic and powerful capacity we all have simply being in this body. A spirit moving in the flesh.

A challenge I see frequently is a continued push to get stronger, feel thinner, try to do the “right” things so the body shows in good health that we are on the right path. This is all good, and a valuable place to put our energy. However, as counter to everything I encourage, there is a great value in recognizing a lot of this “pushing” is kind of like being on a hamster wheel. The consciousness of the body itself is not determined by what or how much we do anything. The possibility of moving energy, feeling emotions, expressing thoughts are all natural and require very little “practice “ as we often see it. It’s often “unlearning” and letting go that needs to happen regularly.

A baby moves energy, feels emotion, and thought cannot speak our language yet… learning at record speed by watching and listening to everything in it’s surroundings. It reaches, rolls, pushes and pulls it’s way to become a standing being without a book, a teacher, or some equipment. This inherent “knowing” is coded deep in our body and minds and it has a brilliance that we can access at any time. It’s the space where we STOP THINKING. Reaching for more can be an organic process or as it is often seen in fitness it can become a neurotic compulsion to affirm an agreed on thought.

Can one be conscious, evolved, and have a body that has disorders??? yes… fact some of the most evolved folks around know have become that way through the pathway of dis-ease…finding their way through understanding life more compassionately and creating more beauty in their relationships as a result of the challenge. Primarily their relationship to self. A belief that one who is a certain size, age, fitness level or who can do specific athletic feats can be something impressive if you give it that value or want to fit in with a certain group or it can be a deterrent in finding true peace and health that works with what is.

In Kai one archetype is the Athlete. As all archetypes show us how to call in deeper energy to persevere and to learn….the athlete has both pros and cons. The pros being the attitude of being part of something bigger and playing your role as best as you can. It’s a love of feeling the body pushed to it’s edge and yet…..not from fear. From a love so big that we want our body to handle all of what life offers and so we keep a routine that can last a lifetime and that unites body, mind, spirit and emotion to keep us fully charged and “in the game” including acceptance and self love around “what is”. Not diminishing the self when we face dis-ease. Being able to come back with resilience as we age, lose abilities and have more challenges takes a deep humility and bowing to this body we are given for this life.

Being okay with “what is” takes work!!!! In our culture that shows anorexic young women as the status quo on every magazine or website advertisement, it takes vigilance on taming the monkey mind when thoughts come in. One way to create more peace is to notice how you talk about your own age, health, abilities. Do you have judgements or beliefs under the statements that have a feeling buried??? Ideally, moving the body is our birthright and with that is JOY. If movement comes from drudgery or from a consistent inner tyrant we have lost our seeds of moving from love and have adopted a belief that stems from fear of not fitting, not being loved just being human, and worse we are putting our energy in the direction of THAT for others to see and follow.

Turning the wheel back to love takes INTENTION if you are stuck in the muck. Forgive yourself. Let go. Take some time for small gentle movement to remind you of the deeper connection to your body. Watch your thoughts as you move and start to think new ones…… explore: ”I move from joy” or “My body loves to move”. It takes some thought and some letting go of thinking to enter into THE BODY LEADING and the mind WITNESSING the magic we all hold on this path.

I don’t mean to say that eating pizza occasionally or pushing yourself to get to class is bad. Simply that the intention we hold and the inner dialogue beneath it needs our attention or it can easily sway into the “less than” zone even when everything looks all good and dandy from the bodies perspective. I have known quite a few unhealthy thin fitness people and seen many walk into yoga class with a hobble for how much pain they are enduring from years of this abuse. Posed, propped up….they look lean and stand tall….but in movement they are stiff with jagged limping motions……Riding that bike, treadmill and pumping iron are training the body …for what???? Unless that is how you use the body all day ( with the fear based thoughts underlying it ….which are actually taught to trainers and fitness professionals on the regular…as a way to teach students)……..I’d say try an approach that is different. Gentler. Sustainable. Something the body guides you into. Awakening the body consciousness in this moment…….

Returning to love again and again is a way to weave more conditioning from consciousness. Becoming stronger will eventually be a state of noticing what is and holding it in gratitude…..this feeling, sensation and way of being has a tremendous power of wellbeing. It can shift pain physically and mentally and open an attitude of curiosity and potential that “pushing” has zero power in. Its the frequency of love and that is life changing.

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