He-ART as the dance of give and receive

Place your left hand over your heart and right hand over the left. Now …..Breathe in….Breathe out.

This is where you can begin. Begin to feel how you give to YOURSELF. Energy, time, positive thoughts, sweet compliments, sensual touch, attention to detail, gifts with meaning, understanding and compassion.

Be gentle….this may be something you have to remind yourself and have a practice in. It’s okay…..If it takes a daily practice…it’s okay. No one is judging or comparing here.

Once this is rooted in and a feeling self love is established….what do you have to give??? Yup….GIVE. A relationship is less about what your recieve and more about what you give. Do you have the capacity here to GIVE space, GIVE patience, GIVE generously of attention, GIVE presence? How about boundaries that naturally support the truth of what you are feeling and the willingness to communicate them not from FEAR…but from “I love you so much, that right now I need to be totally honest …..I’m sorry if it hurts.”.


What if you are told this? What if the love you offer isn’t reciprocated? What if???….aghhhhhhh

Love ……

All I know is…..When shit hits the fan, when I am depleted, when I get afraid, when I am lonely, when little Kelly speaks up and it looks like the world should be very very scary through her eyes…I have a choice. The choice to surrender to something bigger, better and more encompassing that drama around me. I surrender, I ask for help, I recognize my illusion and capacity to love is limited….and I stay true to my heart. I stay in honesty as a safe place to begin. I retreat if I have too….and I remind myself I can take care of me. That is enough and that is most important.

I remind myself that my relationship with GOD, higher power, love …that is more important than the part of me rebelling….and that needs nurturing too. So i surrender and wait….I listen…..I get clear on my position in the situation and you know what??? Sometime always happens that reminds me that Love is eternal, is not dependent on a person or thing, and that even at my worst….I am loved. And….SO ARE YOU. No matter what.

So give and recieve….keep the pump primed. Love a lot or a little and stay soft in your heart. Trust in love my friends because if you can’t do that…..at the least……you have hardened over the doorway into life itself. IF you need too….CHOOSE LOVE over and over again from one breathe at a time. Eventually the rhythm and flow of truth returns and life begins to look like the beautiful mystery and miracle it truly is.

ps. I love you. I still love you. You are loved forever and no matter what. Kelly

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