Endurance.....body, mind, spirit and emotion

Fitness and health often times is viewed as a luxury or pastime especially when stress visits and takes more demands on our energy, time or money. It is, however, during these challenging times in particular that we need to invest, show up, work through and develop resiliency that will pay off in a multitude of ways including shortening our “down time” and building reserves that help to keep us healthy through the dark. I’ve been in the fitness world since 1987 and certified as a trainer since 1992, watching and helping others to reach fitness goals and feel healthy. Upon creating Kai® I reflected on what aspect of fitness ties in longevity with feeling well both mentally and functioning like a high level athlete energetically at any age and ability in both body, emotions, mentally and spiritually….and what came to me was endurance.

If we look at the span of time we have to be alive ( and we don’t really know how long we have) that is average for most humans, as well as the likely events we will face in a lifetime that challenge us ( births, deaths, divorces, marriages, illness, moves and more) that are both positive and negative……It’s a math equation of how much energy do we have, what is the quality of our energy at any moment, and how do we practice “showing up” and learning to manage ourselves as we face all the “unknown” factors and build a life that feels joyful, abundant, engaging, and that fulfills us on many levels.

This ongoing personal question gives us opportunities to create and practice “life skills” that allow us to become what we are searching for. To feel fulfilled, abundant, joyful, present, connected and energetic we need to see both our own strengths and our weaknesses in any given moment and utilize the energy we have to bridge the gap in between and to become proficient at meeting our own needs and building self efficacy. Doing this over the “long haul” of a lifetime means to build endurance….to “endure” unpleasant moments and still “show up for life” the best we can or worse, tragic events that finding our way back into living life as well as possible in the context of the present moment.

These are skills that we practice doing Kai®, one of them is called living LIFE AS A DANCE. It’s a practice of present moment awareness with choice and engaging tools of all the other 6 concepts that form the foundation of Kai®. Embodiment of these skills means we’ve shown up, did our best, built some neural plasticity and we have developed efficiency in regulating our choices with our bodies wisdom.

We have our whole lifetime and yet we have this one moment to ask ourselves……”what do I need to practice right now that would give me ultimately a deeper sense of presence?” What do I need to do to “show up “ more fully in life? or “How can I dance ( literally or figuratively) with this situation?”.

Join us in Kai Integrated Fitness and practice with a community of others like yourself. You'll be warmly welcomed, held in a space of unconditional love, and encouraged to find your unique way through learning and embodying Kai® more deeply and receiving the benefits that this conscious awareness practice delivers including

1. better sleep.

2. joy and deeper calm.

3. health on all levels including harmony with ones weight.

4. feeling more sexy NOW

5. mindfulness and clarity

6. creativity and freedom

7. less stress

8. stronger bones.

9. mobility in joints

10.. strength and empowerment

11.. ENDURANCE through life as a dance.

If you take a moment and look at what you practice, what would you be “aaa

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