It is Personal....It's your Emotion. Go towards it.

What is “Spiritual Bypassing”? Using a spiritual practice as an escape or avoidance to face the real thing….the real emotion.

Embodiment begins with personal response-ability. 

Go towards the emotion. Not away. Authenticity requires this. It’s necessary for intimacy or honesty in relationship of any kind. Over riding into “ not taking it personal” is bypassing. Emotions are personal. Owning it is power. 

Feel angry? Be angry. What does it do in your body? How do you breathe when angry? How does it change how your speak or don’t speak? Use anger as a beneficial tool to express a boundary that needs to be made. Use anger as fuel for new choices. Don’t avoid it. Don’t judge it. Don’t mentally shift it into The thinking mind that wants to get logical or use a mind made “ agreement” when the body is feeling it for a reason. 

Learn to interpret it. Honor it. This doesn’t mean blast it out at innocent people or see with “ anger” filters looking for a reason to project the withheld toxic feeling on another. It’s humbling and aware to feel the nuances of real emotions and be honest in choosing what to do with it. Being “ with it”. 

Agitation, Annoyed? Frustrated? Jealous? Awesome. Name it, feel it, understand it’s yours,laugh at it..... recognize when your body first started recognizing this response to this emotion ( we all grew up in an emotional environment between our parents.... a window of accepted emotions and ways of expressing them. For most of us the window is rather small and the fullest range needs practice). Is it your inner child? Inner teen? So often it’s possible for immature emotional awareness to get stuck here. This is the practice of growing up at any age. Learning to feel grief, sadness, as well as loved, fierce, and flirty. How about feelings like fear or shame? loneliness? Guilt? 

We have emotions for a reason. How we respond to them is important . Putting it in blame, shame, purging/exercising it out, or unloading unconsciously are all reactive ways . Feel, heal , learn to communicate. Grow.

This is the work we practice in the Kai Water Immersion ..... but first, you have to do the Earth Immersion. Our bodies are the vehicle that the emotions move thru. Doors open March 20th. #training #body #mind#health #reduce #stress #feelings #life #dance #kai #kaimove

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