Balance.....Self, With Another, With All

Balance is something that doesn’t usually show it’s face until we’ve lost it. In fact, that is the only way to recognize where we are off and is the important edge of new choices and re-direction. Practicing awareness of detail and coming home to center quicker over time and practice is the art of mastery. Different than most think……becoming “better” at anything involves balance. Here’s what I mean.

Firstly, looking at balance with self it’s so much more than physical, yet physical is a perfect starting point since everything is reflected through our bodies. Take a moment and bring your attention to your sensations. What sensations come forth? A tingle, different temperatures, a tightness, a sensation of expansion??? Do you have an ache or gripping sensation anywhere?? A dull discomfort? How about numbness?? This is how our bodies speak to us. If we don’t listen…..we are primarily either drifting into mental constructs, being pushed by emotional waves, or busy floating on the clouds of imagination and spiritual dimensions avoiding the deep present moment. In the present moment all of these aspects of self are felt THROUGH THE BODY. The body is the anchor, the home, the mothership, the magnet for human experience. As such……Its’ vital to start, end and balance our attention through our bodies of physical sensations, emotions felt as feelings, mental “thinking”, and spiritually journeys. When we are able through practice……to be the center willing and ready to sustain neutral and expand we are then capable of relating with others from a place of unconditional love as well as empowered choice, deep presence and awareness. Sooooo, How does this fee???

Take a standing posture….any kind. Be there 1 full minute and check in. Can you feel center??? Is it in any other place besides deeply nestled in your pelvis??? Some of us are so used to NOT BEING CENTERED, Being “other focused” or being so washed into emotions or spirit that we don’t know this sensation of center. Can you maintain a deep physical awareness of where your weight is wanting to “fall off” ??? Right down to how you shift through the little bones of your feet. Center is NOT gripping, or holding in one tight static position. It’s actually a very subtle shifting through and away negotiating without over re-directing. The better we get at this redirection, the less off center we go and the quicker we move back through and into center.

So once you’ve got this feel…….ask yourself what is happening in your emotions???? Name it….where do you feel it? How do you express it???? Is it “sticky” or one that you are not comfortable or aware of??? How does this emotion effect your behavior choices.? This information is similar to the details of physical presence. As you develop depth in emotional awareness you’ll be able to balance and become aware of the difference between just physical sensation…..just emotional awareness….and how they layer like a hologram.

This same exploration goes through mental constructs…….when “thinking”… does the body respond. I mean you are analyzing, rehearsing, there are lots of thoughts happening……Are their particular thoughts you repeat often??? Are you able to shift thoughts that are difficult??? Are they YOUR thoughts or thoughts forms you pick up in a space? As you identify your thinking patterns you’ll get to know more when you are in this space and more often NOT IN YOUR BODY. Play with your standing posture as you are “thinking”, now as simply “physical”, now “emotional”……..Learn to separate and come into your center as an anchor for all 3. Then add spirit…..Your unique understanding of higher states of consciousness, spiritual energy, or psychic connection.

So these tools bring you into ONE with self. Self care supports relaxation which helps bring comfort into the physical as a starting point….and filling up with love. Add to this awareness of what you bring to another, what they bring and what you wish to create…..and you’ve got yourself more clarity, personal response-ability ( which improves with practice…go off center and return quicker…)and beauty in your creations with others…….then explore the outer most edges of ALL……How you release to ALL THAT IS.

Enjoy your radiant creations and namaste!

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