I Dream in Dance

My heart must dance with the rhythm of a song it hears with ears that shape the wings of my soul. Eyes connect and I disappear while the sea of sound rages, soothes, and remembers me. Beating….Pulsing….sometimes whispering for me to move with it. I walk, roll, push, surrender and a I wait….for the moment to meet me so perfectly, so holy….a spark of delight.

My heart unfolds itself. The moment tickles, teases, invites the deeper layers to reveal themselves and like a flower, I unfurl to the suns sizzling kiss. The passion and my heart meet with breath…. beating, opening…..to more aliveness, more freedom. I breathe and watch. The watcher meets the mover with a struggle, resisting, fighting…. a storm of contrast as nature nurtures.

Riding this dance I sit in the saddle of love. She’s a wild beast and so loyal. The lungs begin to stretch, she lathers in a soapy sweat, sounds of huffing, grunts, primal effort meets supreme release and silence…. hearts merge, separate, dilate and radiate. Waves and ripples, whirlpools and peaceful moments. Water meets the air and colorful rainbows sparkle the senses all parameters of understanding dissolve into a puddles of bliss. Or were they rose petals?

In this dream blue and green met me in a in peacock painting, I am held in the grace of my beloved. Wrapped and rocked in an embrace so large, the universe felt the squeeze. Every cell oozed in a delicious salute of watermelon, strawberry and the sweet aftermath of the moment. In my dream I drift off into this dance and my heart remembers to color outside the lines. Love whispered to me this night, how she needs this space to live, to breathe, to fully express her bountiful capacity to give, receive and to be. As she sang I was cradled in marigolds and released into the waves of her melodic tone. The scent of melons, strawberries and sweet tender moments filled the air…..The sisters of fate laughed as the dreamers remember and I slipped…into the fold and let go, the last words were “He slipped on a rose petal as she danced…..”. They went together.

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