How to "keep track of what you have learned" and apply the lessons to keep growing.

Accountability is so important. Without it, we miss important feedback and the increased energy and information along our journey. Having others you trust reflect back what they perceive ( from a most neutral point with few filters)becomes a mirror for us to see where we HAVE grown on the curvy path of evolving. It’s very easy to fall into negative thinking otherwise, begin to only see what you still need to accomplish and negate the subtle learning. Without each other we can lose sight of being the “weaver” who is crafting our future from a place of awareness.

In the Kai Water Immersion we study how the body moves, how we learn movement and how it’s transferred throughout the whole through our fascial systems. It’s these systems inside us that negotiate the work load, balance communication in the body and how well we move through change and space. A lot of what we practice in moving fluidly is actively listening, letting go, learning, and based on what we perceive we guide ourselves forward. We practice this in relation to each other as well, learning to connect with awareness in self and other, noticing more about the exchange, giving ourselves time to choose what to add or NOT add, reflect on what we are creating on our side of it, and we learn what to look for in people whom we can trust to give us feedback and to practice relating from heart OPEN while being vulnerable and courageous! Whew!!!! ( ie. boundaries, sharing and truth)

So if you haven’t taken this training, you have to first take the Earth Immersion….and hone skills of embodiment….after all, it’s first through our capacity to perceive our own bodies that we can then relate to others from this deep anchor. Our “one” inside holds us to different ideals than our mind, or emotions….our “one” inside readies us to hold the container for “two” with deeper truth and with more love in an honest exchange of energy that ideally finds it’s own creative balance for it to be sustainable. It’s takes focus on what you value, what the other values and the choices/agreements you decide between you that hopefully becomes the container you both build on and hone skills that keep the energy alive, moving and filled with pleasure and abundance.

  1. So the place to begin is you. Your body. What have you learned?? What are you still learning??Practicing “reflection” is a radical honesty and digging into what you’ve done, your perspective and the radical truth you can pull out of an experience ( like life!). If you apply this question to one small thing that is measurable it’s best. What did I learn in this relationship over the last 6 weeks??? What did I learn over the summer??? What new skills in my body am I learning since I turned 51? These are examples.

  2. Once you list a few specific things. Then you might run these learnings past someone you trust and feel their “feedback” or “witnessesng” this practice adds to the depth of both LEARNING and of ACCOMPLISHING. Pulling out the things that you feel pretty good about double to what you still need practice with…. no shame, blame or self flagellation or aggrandizement. This is tricky and takes practice so choose whom you trust who has some skill in this area well. ( One very good reason having a coach works well….they are trained in this skill …and I LOVE TO COACH PEOPLE! So give me a shout out…)

  3. Pull out the things you are still working through and set some goals and intentions. WE have to continually aim our energy and fire towards those things…and then regulate when to rest, how to navigate obsticals and continually measure progress to feel the map is forming. This is important brain work as well as measuring progress from the body. Little by little we begin to gain confidence that we have the ability to move through changes, choose learning new skills and accomplish what we envision and desire even while healing.

  4. Affirm what you did and are doing well, often…..especially first thing in the morning to start your day and in the evening to “let go” so when you start each day you have a plan, you are clear and not bringing the past forward and you are ready to start the day with positive energy of “I can do this..”.

  5. THE LEARNING NEVER ENDS!!! This learning path is LIFELONG and continuing evolving. You have never been this exact age, in this exact moment facing these exact circumstances. This means, if you are present, then learning will become like breathing. It’s one of life greatest gifts and offers an increase in every “feels good” emotion out there. It also offers a deeper understanding and respect for the difficult things life dishes out.

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