Creation vs. Choreography or both and and......

Part of what I do for Kai ( a dance based fitness class built upon awareness, neural plasticity and body wisdom) is create dances with the local community that blend Kais 21 moves with the 7 foundational concepts including Authentic Movement. We video these dances and they are placed in a special subscription page on Kais website for folks around the world to access and enjoy.

I’ve learned a very deep lesson in looking at life as a dance ( one of the Kai Concepts people explore in classes and trainings and a philosophy embodied by teachers over time). Each body of work ( called a bow) has a creation cycle from its inspiration to its forming and solidifying into the art that everyone adds too.

The bows are spacious and though they are a frame work for us to make together thru listening, waiting, sending and feeling, they evolve and have space for the moment to enter and everyone to find themselves through it.

The process of creation together is more important than the actual creation and I’ve learned to let go of controlling it. Some bows never come forth beyond the playlist, some burst out in a weekend, some take years and each has a powerful purpose lived out .... and returned too at times. I’ve learned to surrender my will and allow the breath of creation/love/God whatever you call it. Come To Mama has been attempted to be videoed 2x both with camera problems and other complexities. Sometimes between letting go, and pushing through...waiting arrives, and is a blessing in disguise....this is another powerful life lesson.

Life as a dance is viewing the natural circles/cycles in time with understanding and wisdom from our bodies. It’s practicing putting together patterns and also allowing patterns to go... physically, emotionally, even spiritually. It’s sensing when to wait, when to add, how much is enough and loving it all even when it gets messy.

Life as a dance is looking at the micro as the macro and creating as a way to connect to constant change, honoring the spirituality of each and feel our wholeness together even in our differences.....

I feel so grateful for this practice to feel more alive, more peaceful and dance with others sharing love. for classes, trainings and to subscribe

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