Are you Willing to be NOT LIKED to be fully deeply loved?

There is so much written these days on the importance of expression, on sharing your unique self, on allowing yourself to become vulnerable. Sharing ourselves with others, with our communities, with our loved ones may be one of the new commodities of our times. It is also a statement of health on all levels. Our energy needs to move fully including our personal expression and feelings. Stickiness of any kind here shows up in our muscles/fascia and in how we handle stress. Here are some questions to consider if you feel some “stiffness” in your expression.

  1. How much do we share and why do we hold back??

  2. What happens when we are tapping in to the deepest source of self and sharing???

  3. Will it “run out” ?? Will others “copy “ and your uniqueness lose it’s “value”?

  4. How willing are we to let love in??? How about God/love???

  5. Are we willing to risk being “not liked” to be fully deeply loved?

  6. What will revealing authentic natures including real emotions put us at risk ? Will there be a shame avalanche after and can you handle that??? T

  7. What is the cost of appearing “good” instead of being authentic?

  8. What will it take to no longer rule out your growth by making others the cause of your constriction?

  9. Can you STOP judging your creations and STOP allowing others judgements to inhibit you?

These questions themselves may open up some new freedom to breathe. Consider that everyone has equal access to their source of uniqueness. Some call this God or Love or higher self. YOU are born creative……and YOU are the only one blocking it or creating stickiness in how you share this with the world. Movement heals. Moving with authenticity means you follow your own muse, you access and witness your own responses and you create a practice that has less judgement and more freedom. There is tremendous power and energy in learning to LOVE your unique way and not copying……The more you model this others will follow and you know what???? God or source is unlimited……that’s right. You have unlimited access and the more you share, the more you MOVE this amazing energy through you and through the world and people around you that you effect.

Here’s some tips:

  1. STOP BEING MISERLY. Scarcity thinking contracts. Adopt an abundant mindset.

  2. The perfectionist model is ridiculous. We know this now. Drop it, bump around, play and give yourself permission to love yourself fully as you heal shame.

  3. The desire to be “more” worldly, sophisticated, smart block our flow. Creativity is messy, has no map, and like learning to dance….requires surrendering over and over the ego’s judgmental hold.

  4. Dependance on the creator within will free you from all other dependencies. This is where spontaneous movement is celebrated and courage to share begins. Take the risk.

  5. Practice “Maybe”….instead of quick yes or no. Maybe opens the door and possibility is ripe for creating…

  6. Take down time. Don’t vampirize your own soul by not being truthful with what you need. For creativity and connecting to source to be honest we need time “away” from life. Time to do NOTHING. Treat your inner artist lovingly and nurture the soul so it can come forward from love and not depletion. The “virtue trap” of always having to produce good stuff sucks the soul. Stop worrying what others think if you need to put parameters around this alone time.

Deep love starts within. Nurturing your creative soul is necessary to approach life from a place of freedom, full energy and it’s an act of self healing. Our bodies reflect where we are stuck and how we move through or ignore this information is reflected in our health and ability to love others. The dance floor and our Kai practice is an ideal place to meet your inner artist, warrior, dancer, child, healer and athlete… them into your cells with love and watch them appear in your life at just the right time.

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