Anger and Fire in Movement - when is it toxic vs a natural expression

The anger, it’s been there forever. Bubbling, brewing, often being shot out in different ways as anger often simply wants to react. It shows it’s self as outward lashing, passive aggressive ways to release ( ie. denial, repressing, or drawing back from relationships as a way to “punish” ) yelling, tightening or inwardly imploding. It wants respect and expression and it’s HOT.

Held in the body over time it dictates the function in our endocrine glands, registers as stress on all systems, puts the nervous system on alert draining adrenals, and hijacks the minds higher thinking abilities. I’ve gotten asked “ how do I release anger” over and over.....It’s our protective mechanism and reptilian brain that doesn’t think consciously.... it wants blood. Revenge. Justice. Truth. And often it just moves like a virus wanting to spread and even seems to find satisfaction  in causing another pain. This is a very toxic problem and avoids the deeper healing available. Anger travels through families and wounds. We see it in kids acting out, depression, misplaced blaming... I was recently in a book store reading a book called “witches” and reminded how many women were burned at the stake and how many stood around and watched the destructive quality of the fire and anger as fear and unconscious projections. 

Fire and anger  also have positive natural clearing that ultimately can be a controlled burn, like a fever that has to run its coarse but has to be watched. It needs acknowledgement and understanding... it wants to be seen and heard. Clearly. Learning to feel it while relaxing the body and impulses is a practice in emotional awareness and creates space to direct this powerful source of change with precision. Like aiming a bow and arrow at a target while traveling fast….it takes practice, demands presence and attention to detail.

Women have suppressed anger at violation and power struggles for a very long time. It’s under the surface bubbling and rises as an impetus for change. It’s fierce. It’s justified. It’s wanting release. I hope we learn the power of our emotions and choices .... not merely demolishing everything in our path good and bad at a justified raging. Nor allowing it to be an under the surface self sabbateor that limits and harms our capacity to be open and be love fully.  Anger can be the spark that starts action and sets the coarse of a new direction. It can be the flame that burns behind a hard decision coloring one’s life . It can be wielded in a productive and respectful way.

Anger reminds us to be strong, take action. It’s hot, dangerous and even toxic when held inside too long.  It’s often misguided and directed out to wherever it can go ( our families and children or inwardly) and can twist thinking ...It’s the reptilian brain and thinks fight or flight nothing else unless handled with awareness. It can be contagious if we don’t wield it effectively.  Anger says stay very awake. Wielding its flame is the careful clear boundary we state and are committed too. 

In movement the natural response to shake, explode, growl, or scream, tighten and throw. I have seen women really enjoy this type of movement in it- feeling it’s powerful heat and hopeful of its releasing .... I have also seen it’s under the surface build and later on pain of unconscious movement, or self harm felt the next day.   The shadow of anger not released properly is fear and fear freezes the body. There is a place between unconscious raging movement and too tightly held pushed down emotion…. a nice controlled burn. Where the wild meets the awakened awareness.

 If movement is not done with some control of how much in the detail choice it’s very, very easy to tear a muscle, throw a back out, hurt your body hurt innocent people ..... matching fire with fire doesn’t put the flame out.... nor does it direct it from conscious higher thought... it in fact matches the reptilians brain of what provoked the anger. Between fight or flight is a space of NOW where choice resides. Discernment lives here.   It is a space to manage and direct the flame with accuracy, precision and a warriors ferocity.

If you feel heartburn, acid stomach, hot burning sensations, then you may need more water.... flowing movements, melt, cry, release. If your mind is dominant perhaps work with breathing deep into your movements and moving with the heat like in cardiovascular conditioning.

Mostly, ground. Feel the earth under your feet every moment and don’t let your body get swept into anger without anchoring it to your body and mind. Breathe, feet your feet, feel the heat and take smart steps toward what you desire to create. Small steps may include “rants” or time with friends who can handle your rage and will listen and help you hone your skills carefully.

Anger is fire.  It’s natural.  It’s needed. It’s sacred. It wakes us up to a boundary ( inward or outward) or change needing our attention. Don’t let it take down the forest you love with reactivity.  Let it melt your heart, warm your hands and remind you to stay awake to saying no, yes, and “ this is my truth”. Directing your words, choice, and vision.

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