So what's YOUR "retro-grade"??

Everybody stop.  Breathe.  Soften your gaze and take a moment to rest your eyes and let your perceptions and thoughts soften as well.  We have 4 planets in "retro-grade" which simply means it's a good time to practice "reflecting" and "remembering" the past.  This is an excellent practice in building a stronger brain and one we use in Kai regularly.  

Let's start with reflecting on the summer.  We are getting ready to enter another 2 week break in classes and it's the last 2 weeks before my kids go back to school.  I'm so proud of these boys  and have enjoyed this summer and time with them.  We've done lots of talking, fishing, doing chores from a place of gratitude truthfully vs. mom "making me do it" and learning to listen to our bodies and exercise from love and the gifts that this brings.  The boys feel well rested, look relaxed and happy and we've cultivated lots' of memories and down time to move forward into a new school year.  Hows your summer been? What are the key things that stand out? What did you learn??? This exercise utilizes the hypo campus, syngulate cortes, and other portions of the limbic brain.  If your memory is weak it may need more practice and doing this on a regular basis.  When we "re-flect" and its' related to movement our brains are stimulated even more deeply and this can be done regularly by noticing what sensations the body has experienced in that day so far. For my sons to develop skills it's taken MANY conversations sometimes about the SAME THING for them to build inner reserves at remembering without me reminding them.  This works....but it takes continual practice.  

Reflecting on the last 5 years.  Wow...lots I can say has changed for me personally and professionally in 5 years.  One thing I've learned is it's important to keep exploring and learning is never "done".  Our brains are malleable and especially during 2 points in a childs life, age 2 and age 15 adolescence/teen.  We have the ability to change and work with our brains continual development through what we experience.  I'm reminded again and again that the FOUNDATION and INTENTION  of Kai is Brain Awareness and so grateful for the years of "lab movement" in developing Kai that brought forth the 7 key concepts that make Kai dancing unique and that it works!!!! If we get "stuck" in routine our brains are not working hard and we have gotten comfortable in patterns.  This reveals itself also thru the health of our bodies.  Repetition is good yet for the brain it can have a negative impact.  That comfortable flow state can also mean we are "stuck" in one way of using the brain and limiting possibilities greatly.  What have you learned in the last 5 years ??? What things occurred where you needed to access "higher thought" or shift out of an old way of responding to something? 

Let's move into 10 years ago.  The last 9 years now in Kai we've gone deep into Brain Awareness and explored how we activate "dream states", "movement and measure thru the body", "perception and the eyes", "movement as metaphor" and much more.  Thru the experiences and the conversations we've built neural grooves and opened to a greater capacity to sense, listen, explore, question and language somatic experiences with each other.  The community has deep-end.  It's really good.....and really special. Personally I'm simply in awe and gratitude every time I walk in and get to move with all of you.  The wisdom for the variety of ages and the spaciousness make a delicious and safe place for everyone to explore.  What are some strengths you can bring forward when you reflect on the last 10 years of your life? How can they help you today? 

Why restructure the brain??? It builds resiliency and that determines happiness and more.  Kai blends lots of imagination, alignment, music interpretation, body awareness, mindfulness, different energetics and moments to practice integration through communication and time to explore.  These aspects make it unique from other methods and add the results that include all the traditional fitness benefits with a mind that can focus, think deeply, be creative, and that explores agility in how one experiences their bodies, feels emotions and visualizes future outcomes.  This is a happy and healthy body and brain!  Kai INTEGRATES and continually keeps the body and mind moving.  

So now it's "grade time"........I just received my kids reports on how they did on the state wide exams from spring.  I am so proud of both of them!  They worked HARD and deserve the grades they got.  It's alway good to self reflect on your own ability to access how YOUR doing.  The interesting thing with self awareness is it's also a part of the brain and our ability to reflect more on truth.  Often times in movement we can "think" our body is aligned where it's supposed to be and be way off, or we can think we are adapting to our bodies signals when in truth we are not listening or getting accurate information.  This is a humbling situation and yet it's a first place to start healing.  It's pure awareness.  Humility can actually become a strength when you take the shaming out and simply "learn" from your reflections.  This is a place to self validate and gain powerful insights as you navigate into the fall. you reflect on this article and your brain/body connection, what "grade" would you give yourself.  Think deeply, give yourself time...and let it come from an integration of using your mind and asking your body if it's the truth. Namaste! 

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