Look for what's new!

There are times in movement that it's easy to repeat patterns, go into the dance the same way we "always do", or to not truly listen to what the body is saying and move from our functional or dysfunctional patterns.  Here are some reasons to start your movement with searching for "what's new".  

1.  The body will look for the path of least resistance.  This means as we grow thru life how we walk, talk, move and use our body is established partly from watching those around us.  Our families and how they move their body becomes our guide to how we move.  The neural networks form in the brain very young and the muscles, joints and bones all take the form of how we build these maps.  This becomes the deep old set way we approach life and can limit potential greatly in all kinds of ways.  Affecting change means being keenly aware of what is new in this moment for you to engage with.  Let go of the familiar....it's always there if you need it but consider that you may choose to move differently because it feels better, is healthier, or gives you more energy. The "new" gives you choices.   

2. Any  part of the body that develops excess tension is a symptom of that part being overworked and improperly used.  The body has a design that reveals it's function and how energy is meant to move in a balanced way throughout.  Though the body will go into it's patterns of least resistance this often means movements that over work one area while  under work others creating an imbalance.  This often leads to an overall feeling of fatigue and pain in certain areas.  The key to circulating fully is using the body dynamically, like we do in Kai or dance.  All the little movements in the tips of fingers, the movement of hip joints, the bend/flex and undulation of a spine allow the body to move fluidly and with a balance in the work load. Looking for the "new" in your body is the doorway into breaking unhealthy patterns. 

3. What is familiar in movement can help you feel "safe" and can get the body "stuck" through constantly affirming and repeating in movement and possibly mentally that this one way of moving is your truth.  This "safety" is an eventual false feeling that stagnates the energy of the body and limits the truth of the possibilities available.  It creates a "need" to make everything outside us "ok".  The truth of the body is it's design.  All else are perceptions, habits, beliefs and shapes we take from patterned emotions and receptive behavior.  Looking for the new is like breathing new life into the moment and into your way of relating to life. Often we think things outside of us need to change for us to feel good. The fact is the only thing we have control of is our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit and the choices of how we respond.  Practicing multiple ways of moving from each aspect of self gives the mover many tools that make living life more life-giving,  healthy and a more balanced way to relate to the body. 

4.  As children our bodies are rapidly changing so seeking what's new is an awkward dance of change while finding what's "working" mostly subconsciously.  As adults and depending on how long we've lived in this body, it will take more brain power and commitment to find and introduce "new".  The neural pathways are grooved in deeper and there is a contentment to feeling comfortable even if it's not health giving.  One way to make the desire to find the new more exciting is to see yourself in 10 years.  How do you want to be moving? What do you want to be doing? Continuously finding the new NOW will train your body and mind to be able to sustain and build capacity to move with ease later.  It's a positive proactive investment.  There are a lot of things we can do for our health, as we age this may be one of the biggest ones that will build a life that matches or exceeds our vision of what aging looks like.  

5.  One of the biggest indicators of "new" is that it makes you feel odd, awkward or strange doing that movement.  Embracing the awkward will help shift the hesitance and the egos hold on self judgement.  Perhaps "new" will have more gifts for you than listed here....Please share below in the comments. 

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