liberate yourself through embodiment.

Copying is not embodying. We can be inspired by another and then go inside and conjure that feeling in ourselves. We can look outside for patterns to "follow another steps" or a recipe. A first step to then take it in more deeply is aligning with a teacher or system we trust. We can learn choreography and practice it perfectly to the beat and timing offered or simply move and find a pattern within that we "always do" to feel we are aligned with our body's needs, these are teachers but can be sneaky at times as they can easily become "habits" and sometimes not good ones that get re-inforced.


Creating from source, from inspired authentic movement, from depth and from our unique essence, requires more. It requires that the brain becomes wired for agility, focus, expanded thoughts, and a resilient mind that can be still and can change states rapidly with ease. Our brains adapt to what our bodies do in our experiences....anything that is repeated builds the maps in the brain and then solidifies through our body's shape and abilities. This is basic conditioning.


Embodying something means the body has an experience and understanding as well as the mind and it's integrated with both. The capacity to use tools and thru practice validate an experience both somatically and with understanding is a skill that reflects a lot of practice and refinement within. Kai Integrated Fitness is a practice of fitness ( conditioning for more health) and embodiment of authenticity ( which improves energy) . It's THROUGH the 7 concepts unique to Kai that one can peel off layers of learning and connect more deeply within to authentic. It's integrated by putting words and language to the experience and sharing builds a heightened resonant experience. Similar to how a wave builds and ripples out in the ocean.


Embodying authenticity in it's fullness is understanding ones emotions, thoughts , patterns, impulses and soulful inquiries right down to the cells of the body. Hence an inquire like "what do my feet want to do???" is a good first step in learning to listen. ( we study body wisdom as one of the 7 concepts of learning from and establishing healthy stories with the body) Sharing that with another and being seen takes courage and offers an abundance of gifts including enhanced joy, healing, deeper connections, and insight.


However this type of experience is not how  most of us were conditioned and thus contrary to much of how our brains are currently wired. This means that sensation of comfort, of "groove", needs to be one that is changing frequently to develop adaptability. Look, see, notice, and LET GO is a regular practice like breathing in Kai. Meeting those old emotions that used to keep you shut down can become a game and less of a chore. The ecstatic states of bliss that reach new peaks are an incentive to practice. Once you touch it, feel the resonant quality and aliveness, it's a sensation hard to resist. It's also a place to begin to love unconditionally. This is what we do in Kai.


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