Precision and Play in movement

Precision and Play. 
Where are you on the spectrum with how you move your body? Playing is how we naturally learn movement as babies to toddlers learning to walk, run, skip. We freely choose by following curiosity, interests, sensation and the freedom of timing. We learn from experiencing. Work is the practice of repetition, learning from books/watching/copying and comparing as well as feedback from our bodies and from “ fitting in”. 

There are benefits to both though most of us as adults veer to value the “ work” more than “play” activities in fitness as we age and the results often can be dependency, competition, and an inflated yet not ideal felt sense of “energy” or “ power”. It can also be feeling “ too old” not able to keep up etc both egos hold keeping you from enjoying the process of exercise. 

The way we experience life becomes wired differently into our brains due to the many hours of practicing work. ( ie workouts) The energy Is not long lasting and needs validation thru comparing and doing it again to feel a standard sensation to feel “ ok” or affirmed “ fitting in” as validation vs uniqueness. Playing in Kai is woven into every class and training. It opens creative approaches to life and joy as a natural support to balances and wires the brain and body to enjoy life more.

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