Purification Fires: How to MOVE, DANCE and find new spaces inside to feel Joy.

We receive lots of messages in life.  Messages from our smaller families about what's acceptable and whats' not.  Messages from our communities about our "role" in it and what's valued. Messages from our culture that we receive thru what we watch on television, what is read on the internet and from our social groups starting way back in grade school and carrying forward to the circles we participate in today. This includes our religious groups, mothers or mens groups, fitness groups of all kinds and our circles of friends.  The messages are learned and woven into our brains through neural networks.  This learning is happening all the time in how we "re-inforce" information either consciously ( what we choose to study) or unconsciously ( those old tracks and judgements or even old information we are agreeing to by letting it run ...over and over and then choosing from) The power and problem lies in which ones are you listening too?? Which ones do you agree with ?? Which ones uplift and empower you?

Our listening ability is a complex system of taking in information and integrating it with our reality held in our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit.  Often what feels "comfortable" is different from what feels "content".... Comfortable can be sitting on the couch eating cheese doodles while checking Facebook every 3 seconds.....( Im humbly sharing that as I think we've all been there and fell into "sleep " mode by going beyond SELF CARE and into SELF INDULGENCE).  Content feels more like inner peace that is cultivated by not allowing distractions, negative feelings, disillusionments, or other to enter our space.  It's created intent fully. 

So the question is how do we become aware of what's playing in the head and how do we shift it???  Here's how to do it in Kai and the gift of practicing this while getting your exercise and being with a group all doing the same. 

1.  Take note of when the sensation in the body and mind is "busy" or "loud".  The nervous system is vibrating quickly, there is a "need to move fast", or when there is an aversion to sensing the body and staying with .......sensation.  Often the more averse we are the more WE NEED IT and the bigger the gift once we MOVE THRU the dialogue stopping us. This doesn't mean "move faster" in fact it's often a signal to MOVE but with deep slow attention to whats happening inside. 

2.  Connect to "inner coach"......This is akin to your "higher self".  We all have one inside that can give us clear, direct feedback based on truth and not the shadowy self whom can twist a situation, self ridicule, project, make a drama, or otherwise sabotage our best efforts to find peace. 

3. Connect to your Athlete archetype......Kai is an integrated fitness practice that uses dance as it's medium and a philosophy that your life is the dance. What you do before, after and in-between your Kai classes is equally as important and informative to what you do IN class.  This means take full out response-ibility and be aware that your choices impact the whole team.  What you bring has value, is needed and celebrated in life and in Kai.  The athlete practices.....sometimes to make it to new edges and sometimes to heal and NOT have to take time "off" where often fitness over all declines.....  Self care, self healing and being balanced in wellness demands using the brain and the body in unison and sometimes over -riding a compulsion to feel "comfortable" that in the long run effects you by taking time "off" versus healing by taking time "In" the dance to practice tools.  This is where the brain builds healing new neural networks.  Kai tools of awareness, responding, savoring are practices that become habitual over time.  Practicing them within a class.... a community..... in the moment with others, is where we develop confidence, receive encouragement, play our role to give and recieve in a group,  to share leadership and activate body wisdom to share with others......We are never healing alone and yet it's a personal journey to do it within a group who hold space for us to find the creative source within and our bodies truth over and over again. We are all connected and our choices effect each other. Healing and empowering oneself thru this is a way to uplift the whole.  It's embodied leadership. 

4. Notice your thoughts and your aversions immediately in movement and do them while forgiving and choosing a new thought.  This is where your power lies to CHANGE. Moving your hips a strong emotion or self judgement may come up.  Sometimes in Kai it can be around learning a new step ( I can't dance) (I look stupid).......or a whole story around why you don't like that move.......all the thoughts that you picked up or agreed to somewhere in your life and embodied strongly enough they've limited movement, learning, expressing or experiencing in the body in a certain way.  Facing the thought, emotion and moving through it is a purification process and allows  a new experience of a movement to happen.  This can happen suddenly or over time.  It's how we re-wire the brain.  Letting go of old thoughts becomes a practice of noticing and also bringing in something new to experience.  You don't have to go into "why" but you can continue to move while noticing what it would feel like with a thought of "I am so cute" or "I can learn anything".  Being self forgiving, kind and allowing a new experience in.  Once we learn to do this for ourselves we can do it for others!

5.  Recognize that just like clearing old emails, or sweeping the floors.....the more we take in mentally the more we have to clear on a regular basis.  It's not a one time thing......Exercise and dance within a group allows us to continually see where we are accumulating too much and to feel supported in moving through and letting go.  Sometimes it's simply in seeing we aren't so different than anyone else, that others voice their practices and we become inspired or we feel the group energy is something we can lean into or give back too and that keeps us going.  

6. Reflection.  Develop the ability to look back at an experience and see the many perspectives available.   What you reflect on and how you integrate that into your body and mind is how you develop the practice of learning from choosing your thoughts, words and actions from a place of  health and power ( energy).  Hone this art and your life as a dance takes on more positive momentum and creative control.  

It is so important to find and sustain joy in the body.  Joy is the basic appreciation of the body being a body.  Regardless of physical pain, old stories, emotional waves, or a busy mind....the gift of this practice of purification is we vibrate out and influence each other positively and from the body as a truth.  Life is a gift and meant to be lived.....living it well and modeling it for others is a sacred and creative act built upon joy, 


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